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13 Mar 2012
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28 Dec 2014
United Kingdom
New Zealand
LEGO interests:
Lego... the sound of pieces scratching together as I hunted for bits, my mum inexplicably finding the right bit in seconds that I'd spent hours searching for... I've never really been away from it since those great childhood days. I remember ripping the wrapping off the Galaxy Explorer as a 4 year old, then gathering other Classic space sets on birthdays and Christmases for many years. I was forever hooked. From 11 to 16 I paused in my accumulation of lego but always had a look at the lego section of shops I visited that sold it. Then the star wars license got me hooked back in, and here I am at >35 years old still loving the stuff. I suppose it is an escape from the drudge of work, bills and chores... letting the 8 year old me out to build lego and play with my kids - who have had little choice in their love of lego.

My favourite lego set? Wow, that is so hard. I really like the castle sets I've collected they link up to my interest in Medieval history. Although for utter sentimental value my Galaxy explorer is right up there.

Somewhere at my mum's house in the UK in the loft is a bucket of what I used to call ordinary lego (Classic Town and basic sets); each visit to the database jogs the memory as to what is in that.

As an AFOL
Castle (Fantasy era onwards)
Star Wars
Classic Space

With my children:
Minifigs (lots of arguments :) )

Other odd sets gathered over the years:
Ferrari pit stop
Indiana Jones
a couple of Exo Force
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