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30 Nov 2012
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27 Dec 2013
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Utah, USA
LEGO interests:
One of my best Lego memories is, as a teenager, helping my brother assemble his "Robin Hood" Forestmen sets and assisting him with his wars against the knights. The only "Legos" I ever had as a child were a big bucket of generic Loc Blocs (which I still enjoyed immensely - but Lego mini figures were so much cooler! [and pricey])

Since then I've enjoyed Lego mostly via my sons' interests; they've gone for the Soccer series, the NBA series, Bionicles, Mindstorms (RCX and NXT), Star Wars, Lego board and video games, and Ninjago.

As a personal toy collector (of mostly action figures and board games) the My Own Train 9V sets from about a decade ago caught my fancy for Christmastime decorating. Since then I've fallen for the Collectible Minifigure collection starting with series 2+. (Will back fill the complete Series 1 some time.) Went for the whole enchilada of past and present Winter Village sets this year (2012) to go with our train collection.
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