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04 Dec 2011
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28 Jan 2015
LEGO interests:
I live in Berlin and have started to collect some LEGO sets in 2009. The simple reason is that I have two kids and I want them to have fun with what I always loved as a kid: LEGO.

I love the LEGO Star Wars sets and secondary: HP, PotC and the Trains :)
My son favors Star Wars as well and my daughter will hopefully appreciate LEGO Friends.

Some sets I like:

One of my first LEGO sets:
375-2: Yellow Castle

The set I desired the most (as a kid) - I bought it from my own money:
6990-1: Monorail Transport System

The most complicated set I had as a young kid:
8860-1: Car Chassis

As an AFOL I really like those sets:
6205-1: V-wing Fighter
(great parts, I've build lots of different starfighters with its pieces)

10188-1: Death Star
(great for display and playability)

8038-1: The Battle of Endor
(great minifigs)

5891-1: Apple Tree House
(my daughter has build it several times)

6212-1: X-wing Fighter
(a classic - my son played with it a lot and it was quite durable)
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