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25 Nov 2010
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23 Jan 2015
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California, United States
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I'm an AFOL whom, as a child, prized my LEGO sets above all other toys. However, due to their high cost, I had only a dozen or so sets and always looked longingly at the store displays and my friends' sizable collections.

Upon being gainfully employed in 1999, and with the rise of eBay, I began collecting the sets I had always yearned for as a child. I bought up classic Castle, then Pirate, then Town and Train. As I'm sure many of you can relate to, it would often only take one good set from a particular theme to turn me on to the entire theme, so soon I had Model Team, Space, Technic, and on and on. I also dove headlong into the Star Wars line, and own nearly every set.

My Lego collection spills into every room of the house, so I'm lucky to have a wife that is understanding of my hobby, and even enjoys helping me sort and build.
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