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I grew up in the 80s and it remains for me one of the best periods of lego sets and i collected town lego and longed for but never got any trains. I am trying to collect every town lego set produced from 1978 through to 1990 and every train set from 1980 up until the present day. I have 189 ( now 469!! ) different sets and a few multiplies of the same set so i have a while to go yet. I also have been unable to resist both the new city lego (as its genuinely fantastic) so am now trying to collect all of that and also the 1960's train stuff has also caught my eye espcially as i got masses of orgional boxed stuff for £12 on ebay including catalogues from 1966 and so i couldnt resist....can you tell i am addicted? Favourite set is 6370 weekend home as it was the first building i got and 6647 highway repair for its simplicity. 4561 railway express got me inspired again as it was the first train i got...aged 21 and bought by my girlfreind and her mum...who both thought and think i am nuts.... hey ho.
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