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Russ Fry
Member since:
17 Apr 2011
Last online:
29 Jan 2015
United States
Maryland, U.S.A.
LEGO interests:
My name is Russ, I'm 31 and I'm an AFOL. There, I said it. I feel better.

About two years ago I dug my Lego boxes out of storage in my mom's garage. Although I wasn't yet the avid collector I have since become, my childhood collection was quite sizable. And after weeks of slowly resurrecting old sets from a giant pile of random pieces (Thanks Brickfactory!), I found it to be remarkably well-intact with surprisingly few missing pieces considering the countless hours of playtime. And even though it had been close to a decade since I had built anything, I always had my Legos with me. So after a year in storage I started to feel them calling me back.

I'm really into the space themed sets of my youth, especially Classic and Futuron. Still trying to complete my M-tron and original Space Police/Blacktron collections. The original Pirate/Imperial Guards is also an old favorite theme. I do have some Star Wars sets of course, because its friggin` Star Wars man, come on. However I'm really not a big fan of the "Brand Name" themes, like Harry Potter, POTC, or any of the Marvel/DC comics, Indiana Jones, etc. Check out My Collection for the full list!

In addition to being an AFOL, I am also an artist. Since re-immersing myself in all that is Lego, I seem to have found the two worlds merging. After a ten year hiatus from painting, I have started a series of minifigure portraits in acrylics. At first I was only painting actual minifigs. My first was a red classic space man followed by a bride and groom (wedding presents for my friends) and an airport worker. Recently I started designing characters from some favorite films and tv shows. I've done Little Alex from A Clockwork Orange and Ricky, Julian, and Randy from the Trailer Park Boys (I can't seem to get Bubble's face down yet). If anyone is interested in seeing pictures or perhaps even purchasing a custom order painting please feel free to contact me.
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