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20 Dec 2012
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21 Jan 2015
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United States
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I am currently in the beginning stages of creating a LEGO city, with the modular buildings as the centerpiece. I used to play with LEGO as a kid, but have recently fallen back in love. It was the Medieval Market Village which first caught my eye and drew me back in. I'd never seen anything so beautiful before (at least not in the world of Lego!)

I prefer creating scenes by combining sets of a similar theme, rather than buying random sets on their own. Current themes I am into:

LEGO City (mostly for vehicles, minifigures, and accesories to populate my modular-based city)
LEGO modular buildings (this is killing my bank account)
LEGO Winter Village (I'm a sucker for creating a flowing scene)
LEGO Lord of the Rings/Hobbit
LEGO Trains! (to go around and through my city, of course)

If only I had much, much more room...
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