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Travis Prescott
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12 Nov 2011
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18 May 2013
United States
Texas, USA
LEGO interests:
Castle, Space, Pirates, Bionicle. See below for my discontinued set review philosophy:

This is the top contributor to my overall rating. I don't collect LEGO sets, I play with them! If a set is fun to play with, in my book it's worth buying.

Building Experience
I interpret this factor as an off-shoot of playability. I ask: how easy is this set to destroy and rebuild without laboring through the instructions? For me (an avid destroyed and rebuilder of LEGO sets!) a fun set is easy to smash and just as easy to rebuild!

In my reviews, this has zero bearing on the overall rating. I base this on my perception of how many rare pieces this set comes with. A LEGO fan curious about adding this set to his/her collection can use this information to help them decide whether buying the individual bricks is okay or whether it makes more sense to simply buy the entire set. I WILL MOST COMMONLY GIVE THIS 1 STAR!!! It does not mean bad, it only means that all of the pieces are fairly easy to find.

My rough guideline is that LEGO sets retail for about 10 cents per piece. Any person considering buying a discontinued set or buying the pieces for a discontinued set is not concerned about value--they know they are paying a premium! I base my rating on what the Bricklink market value of the set is on a per piece basis. This rating has absolutely no bearing on my overall rating.
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