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John Buning
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Before November 2010
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16 Dec 2014
United States
Atlanta, Ga
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As a Kid I had two favorite toy lines; GI Joe and Lego. I enjoyed both very much even up to my early teen years. I loved everything space; Classic, Futuron, both Blacktrons and Space Polices, M-tron and later Spyrius. I would occasionally dabble in Knights town and technic, but I was at home in Space. Through-out high school in the late 90's I still had and obsession with Joe's and Action Figures in general, but my love for Lego weened. My interest in Lego was sparked once again when they introduced the Star Wars lines in '99 along side, The Phanton Menace. Finally my childhood favorite toy had been married to another life-long obsession. I bought a few sets, but nothing crazy. I would say I finally emerged from my dark ages 10 years later in '09 with the release of Space Police III. As soon i heard the news I was immediately a born-again Lego Manic. An entire line of space vehicles in Futuron colors complimented by a rag-tag gang of hoodlums and alien criminals, I was stoked. so here I am a husband and Fath
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