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Jonah Stephens
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Before November 2010
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18 Sep 2012
United States
Forest Grove, OR, USA
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I never really had a dark age, as many of the people here had. The only kind of dark age that I had was when my brother and I traded our LEGO's for two DS. After that, it was a struggle with our mixed box of Exo-Force and occasional Mars Mission sets. However, through all of that, Bionicle seemed to always survive through it all. After my first Bionicle set, Toa Mata Gali, all the way up to Metus of today, Bionicles have a special place for me. I don't know why I like them- whether it's the endless customization of your Bionicle figures, the storyline, or just the coolness of their powers- but it's certain that Bionicles will always be in my box, bag or shelf.
Other than that story, I am the illegal owner of Krazy Kooks Kompany, makers of movies, coming soon video games and T-shirts based on our video games. I am also a failed writer, successful LDD designer, and a undecided movie maker. Enjoy my stuff, and if anybody want's to join my KKKI(Krazy Kook Klub International), please contact me right away, or go t
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