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Before November 2010
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29 Jan 2015
United States
New York
LEGO interests:
Fave Themes: Space (Blacktron 1, Space Police 1, Space Police 3, Classic), Pirates, Castle

First Set: I'm pretty sure the first set I remember getting is set #600: Police Car. http://brickset.com/detail/?Set=600-1

Fave Classic Set: Blacktron Renegade, Battrax and Invader followed closely by Black Seas Barracuda then Black Monarch's Castle

Fave Modern Set: Agents Robo Attack, because how could you not love a huge bad-guy robot? Also the tourist guy with the Hawaiian shirt is my favorite minifigure of all time. 8092 Luke's Landspeeder is a close contender because of the iconic minifgures.

Rescued from the Dark Ages by: LSW Midi-Scale Millenium Falcon. After having so much fun putting it together on Christmas morning with my 3 y/o daughter, then receiving LIJ Venice Canal Chase, I needed more. I then bought LIJ Fighter Plane Attack and a bunch of Space Police 3 sets and a few Creator mini-sets and some loose pieces on eBay. I would love to see more LIJ planes, like the Lao Che Air Freight Ford Tri-Motor.

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