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05 Jun 2011
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31 Jan 2015
United Kingdom
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Interests - Classic Space, Star Wars, Classic Technic, Creator, City, Sculptures.

Favourite set is Space 918. The most played with and built/re-built set that I owned as a kid. Obviously not as big or impressive as 924 or 928 but massively more wooshable.
First set 00-2 House, don't actually remember getting it as I must have been about 3, but I do still have it now (including some very tatty instructions) as I have all the lego from my childhood. Parents were smart and realised that as long as they still made lego it would always work with anything new so it was the only toy that was ever kept.

I had thought about getting all the lego out of my mum's loft for ages and sorting it all out, then when the first Star Wars sets came out my sister bought me the first snowspeeder and landspeeder as she had decided to buy adults fun presents for there birthdays from now on and not 'stuff for their houses or socks'. This opened the flood gates and made me sort all the stuff out and since then I've gone mad and got loads of the new stuff and gone back and bought a lot of the things I always wanted as a kid.
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