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Jed Palmer
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Before November 2010
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15 Apr 2012
United States
Norfolk county MA United states
LEGO interests:
i'm 13 and i enjoy any theme especially bionicle, city, star wars and any cool sets sci-fi and military looking themes and castle before the skeleton junk
I'm very social and enjoy talking about any
i have old sets before i was born because my parents friends son gave me his collection and it came with catelogs and after that i collected ones on Ebay. I've bought legos since i was 2 excluding duplo

please keep the 1337 Black seas Barracuda #1 in ratings because it pwns

i enjoy lego games and battlefield games on the PC, trackmania nations GTI racer, Blockland, Kuma war, Half-life, portal and the Battlefield series. I enjoy blockland, it is great i think the lego star wars games are ok but the old games especialy rockraiders, loco, racers, island own!

my old reviews suck
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