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12 May 2012
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27 Jan 2015
United Kingdom
LEGO interests:
Star Wars Lego (original trilogy only, and only if was actually in the films. Plus only if they're pretty good quality - I'm not out to own everything!), and advanced builds that have that certain panache. I got the Camper Van last year and I've just started on modular buildings, buying two and part sourcing a third.

It was the 4953 creator plane that got me back into Lego, and then I found out they did an X-Wing! Thankfully this was post 2006 when the first decent batch of sets came out, so the only yellow headed figures I have are from the modulars!

My favourite 'normal' Star Wars set was the Tantive IV (10198), and Slave I (8097) is also incredibly cool. I also generally like the way the sets look together more than singling them, it's great having a decent looking dioramas. They now occupy 5 and a bit shelves in my Billy Bookcases; there's an imperial and a rebel hangar (Home One, plus bits), a Hoth rebel scene with an AT-AT and snowtroopers over the other side of the room, an Endor battle scene, and a Tatooine shelf, each with the relevant planets floating in them.

But I have finally got my hands on the set of my dreams, the Lambda Shuttle (10212) is mine! And she's a beast! It's Lego on a completely different scale, I absolutely love it! Favourite set with ease.

Having achieved my dream set I'm working towards the Super Star Destroyer, but that fund is being depleted by the new found love for modular buildings, especially the expensive sand green bits the Green Grocer set needs.

(Just a note on 7879 Echo Base: The set looked like an abomination when I first saw it, with so much invention in it, but the control room and bacta tank area are actually pretty good, so I bought the sticker sheet and sourced parts for part of the set, I don't have the set itself.)
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