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Well im more a classic lego person. I realy like the old lego themes like u.f.o and some other space ones, but dont bad interpret me i also love todays sets but i personaly think that many lego themes are not the same feeling like when they start, lets take bionicle, this sets were awesome when lego lanche them in the the happy meal after those sets lego realese some awesome ones like the toa mata ones (the toa or the robots looking ones),these sets were my favorite bionicle robots or toa etc. the green one called lewa was the bes one in my opinion after that one the ice one that haded a sword and a shield. Aw those were good times with all those accesories they realized like the masks and other stuff like the big mask back pack(8530-1), after the year of 2004 the i lost interest on the new bionicles because most of the new ones have very biig pieces and new custom ones that make the set easy to build. Well what can i say i love the city theme and space. i think that my favorite theme of all the themes is
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