vulture droid type 2

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    vulture droid type 2

    Written by (TFOL) in United Kingdom,


    box art is quite good, (although you wonder where that other laser came from!) planet behind seems to be Mustafar which would fit the Nemodian guard well, however it does not fit the vulture droid, as a better planet for that would be Corousant in order to fit into the movie


    nothing particularly useful, except the new spring loaded missile, which is a nice feature


    • Nemodian guard; good quality and great detail on the body, i like the use of a cavilers hat for his helmet, as it suits the character well. the face is quite good for making other basic aliens from other themes other than star wars
    • battle droid pilot; basic battle droid with new printing, nothing particularly intresting, however it's always a useful addition
    • buzz droid; built in a similar fashion to the last buzz droid, but with a new connecting piece which resembles a gun and zip wire piece instead of a saw

    The build

    very quick and easy, except stickers

    The completed model

    not very movie accurate, what with there being a cockpit and the lack of ability to move the head around, however despite the loss of head movement it appears stronger than the last vulture droid, (seen in the Asoka Tano Jedi star fighter set?) and is a good addition for creating any clone wars styled battles

    Overall opinion

    good mini-figs and nice looking model, however not very movie accurate and quick to build

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