More Fun than a Game of Riddles!

  • Riddles for the Ring

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    More Fun than a Game of Riddles!

    Written by (AFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in Canada,

    Lego has delivered a spot-on interpretation of what is perhaps the most famous scene from The Hobbit. Not only is this a fun little set in it's own right, but it's also a cheap way to get both Bilbo Baggins and Gollum. What's more, despite this being a small set, it packs in a surprising amount of playability.


    Nothing too special here, unless you're a casle MOC-er, then the large numbers of gray slopes will come in handy for rock building and what-not. As usual, Bilbo's sword Sting and the ring are welcome minifig accessories.


    Gollum is unique to this set, though it's a little hard to tell. This Gollum has "narrow eyes", in contrast to the "wide eyes" Gollum that comes in 9470: Shelob Attacks. I really like the Gollum minifigure––the printing on his face is perfect––except for one small detail: his arms pop off way too easily. I'll admit I'm not sure how the TLC could have done things differently . . . but having to constantly reattach the little guy's arms does get old.

    The Bilbo minifigure is not unique, but he is a great little minifig, and as I mentioned above, this is definitely the cheapest way to get your hands on him (unless you buy him second-hand, I suppose). His face is double-printed with a serious/scared expression, and his torso is also printed front and back with his awesome little hobbit jacket.

    The build

    The build is quick, but surprisingly fun. The main structure––a pile of rocks––has a hidden compartment that flips down to reveal the Ring. I will say that despite the small number of pieces, TLC did a good job of making a natural-looking rock outcrop. Gollum's boat is a quick and easy build but it definitely enhances the playability of the entire set.

    Overall opinion

    In short, this set is a no-brainer: go and buy it quick! You get two amazing minifigs, and the average price-per is actually a little below the 10 cents per piece threshold. My one and only complaint is that the set didn't include a goblin. In the movie (though not in the book), both Bilbo and the goblin tumble down into Gollum's domain. Currently, the only way to get your hands on a goblin minifig is to buy the expensive 79010: The Goblin King Battle. It would have been nice to have a cheaper option, and I would have been willing to pay a little more for it.

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