The one, that started it all

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    The one, that started it all

    Written by (AFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in Germany,


    Had no Box with mine, but got it with the original Booklet, but a bit worn from 35 years. The Instructions are very challenging, adding many bricks per step, but still straight forward.

    Well the price was quite high for an 35 year old used set, but at 119€ , not too overpriced. The newest Lego Castle has more bricks, but less figures and costs around 100€


    Mostly simple basic parts, that were around back in it's days. And all yellow, which isn't too realistic, but heck that one is from the Late 70s and surely was one of the best Sets around back then. But still had some grey plates inside and the red drawbridge.


    Nice Figs, giving the period of time and a whopping 14 of them. This was long before the newer castle Themes. The Horses are all brick built, not the newer one part horses. If you are missing a part or lost it, you can just add Basic bricks in the same Color as replacements.

    The build

    Very Challenging for a rather simple Model. The steps add about 10 times more parts, than today, but you see the Progress. First you are building the main walls, later the submodels: Three towers and the drawbridge. If you want, you can dismantle it and build another Castle or something else from the over 700 parts included. On the backside of the box are Alternates, If you don't care for them, just use your imagination.

    Overall opinion

    Great classic, even for city collectors. Not too sturdy, due to the 5 baseplates included, but extremely playable. If you want, you can open the castle and making it looking larger, than it is. When you are removing the Castle minifigs, you can even put it in your Lego city as a historic landmark. This one deserves 5 points.

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