• Glider

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    LEGO Castle (Ninja) - Glider

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    The Glider (1187) is a LEGO Castle (Ninja) set which came out in 1999. It comes with 1 minifig and 23 pieces. This set does include no decals and there're no mistakes in the instructions and no missing pieces.


    Gray ninja: The gray ninja comes with a dark gray suit with a golden armor and a knife which are printed on that torso. The ninja minifig has a dark gray mask and a black katana. On his face you can see a dark gray headband.


    The glider is quick to build but fun. On the back you can see 2 spears on each side and 2 fins which are movable. On the front you can see a blue handle where the ninja is holding the glider. I think this is a very cool impulse set of the LEGO ninja theme from 1999 - even if it doesn't do much. It's a nice little accessory to have around.


    This set also comes with 2 ideas which you can build with the pieces of this set. There're no instructions for those models but you can build them from the pictures on my website.


    Great pieces which you can youse for brickfilms or MOC's
    Nice starter set
    No stickers
    Ideas which you can find at the and of the instructions and/or the box


    Not so many play features

    All in all it's a great set to get and I would highly recommend you to get this model. You can find this set on eBay, BrickLink and Amazon for sure. Here is the link where you can check out the full galery I made for this set on my website: http://www.klokriecher.de/

    Videos I made of this set:

    Stopmotion 1
    Stopmotion 2
    Stopmotion 3

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  • Glider

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Great Set

    Written by (KFOL) in United States,

    It's a good set to combine with dinosaurs and the other ninja sets. You can also take the ninja out and put a different minifigure so you can have a daredevil. Now I'll move on to Pros and Cons.

    • Pros:
    • Good to combine with other sets
    • Fun to play with
    • If you have a Nerf gun you can play "Shoot Evil Ninja"
    • Cons:
    • Only one minifigure

    Overall: I give it an 8/10

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  • Ninja Glider

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Brazil,

    This is another small set of the theme of ninjas, this is a glider, the ninja carries it and uses it to fly. The glider is made with pieces of the western wall with the brown color, black wings and other small pieces like little blue plates, have also spears on it's back. The ninja have gray details, and this can be finded easy on another ninja sets. The building is easy, and it likes to the raft to the same theme, but have another forms to build it and is easy to mix it, many children can do that. This is a classic because includes a ninja minifigure, now, hard to find. The playability is basic, due to the size, small. In overall, in comparision with small sets, this i rate 5/5.

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  • a great start 2 a great theme

    Written by (Unspecified) in Canada,

    This will always be one of my favorite castle sets. Although it is a ninja and not the usual knight of king, its still a fun little set. I got it at "Ottawa's best Lego store" for around $2.00 Canadian. It has a Grey ninja, which i lost the head and hood for, two spears, a Katana, and some dragon wings. Although these are some common pieces, at the time, these were amazing to me. i played with it for hours, and it makes for a great counterpart to the raft. If you can find this set, I highly advise buying it.

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  • A great army builder!

    Written by (Unspecified) in Australia,

    For 3$Aud this was a great way to create an army of grey ninjas! However the set does not have much playability on its own and needs to be combined with other ninja sets.

    Overall I rate this set a 4/3 and it is an ideal set if you plan to build a ninja army and can still find this set cheap on Bricklink or Ebay.

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