• Useful cart

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Brazil,

    This set is from the knights kingdom subtheme(don't knights' kingdom), and was released in 2000, packaged with sweets in japan. This is a small set, due to it, was choosed to be packaged with sweeta as promotional. This set was also released without sweets as the 4807 set, but I'm reviewing this first. To a small set, this deserves a 5/5 rate, because have useful pieces like the little plates (they can be putted in many sets, also in system or technic), in useful colors(this color scheme was used in old sets, but still useful for the newer ones), and the wheels(if you have another cart, this is an option to increase this with more wheels). It have also claw pieces to put a shield on the cart to protect the minifigure and have additions to weaponry, like the very used spear and sword. The minifigure is of one bull knight, somethings like the helmet were common in previously sets. The builting is basic, and the plability too, is basically makes the minifigures rides the cart hanging a handle. It altough small, have few but useful contents, is easy to use that in another sets to increase them or to make new ones.

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  • Bull's Breath

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Brunei Darussalam,

    This is a nice little cart - and it is very well equipped for such a small cart. It also functions as a siege machine with the flames coming from the front. There's handles for holding and pushing the cart, a shield to protect the card handler, and the clips for the weapons on the side so that the minifig can grab those to join the battle when the cart is no longer useful.

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