• Small catapult

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Brazil,

    This set was released in the year of 1991, and is part of the Crusaders (also called sometimes as lion knights) subtheme, from the castle theme.

    The set at the first view is very simple, it is basically a catapult and a knight. But the set, altough small, is very good for one small due to the playability and decent building without much problems. The set was also sold together with other four sets, as the value pack 1476 (USA only). The value pack consists in the set 1477 (Red Racer car number 3), 1478 (Mobile satellite Up-Link), 1479 (2-pilot craft), this (1480, catapult defense) and the 1481 (Pirates desert island).

    So, the value pack includes two small sets from the space theme, one from town, one from castle and one from pirates. The value pack is very good, but if you wish to get just one, this can be your choose (well, it is from a "classic castle theme", the crusaders, that is very rare now) if you wish to increase any castle set, new or old (the gray color still very common also with the new.

    The building is very simple, because it is very small, it consists in a 6x6 green plate with studs on the top. Above the plate, some bricks with gray scheme makes the little catapult's base. Some small black plates connects the part to put the circular 1x1 gray bricks. These pieces are good to launch, and have a good shape to be putted at a small catapult. Currently, several catapults use "rock" pieces, but these are even useful, because small catapults can increase any castle or also, any fortress, more easily than big, but both styles (old and new) of catapults can be useful to any castle.

    The playability is very good, the system to launch is easy and have a decent capacity to launch it sometimes at long distances, but sometimes at no much long distances (I builted a catapult like this, it launches very well if these small pieces are being used as "stones").

    The set is also increased by a 2x1 brick and other small plates, making a place to put a spear and a joust spear with two flags at the top. It can increase any castle set, even an armory. And also, this joust spear combined with flags is very characteristic with the theme.
    The minifigure included is a characteristic knight from the crusaders theme, at many times considerated as a classic minifigure due to the subtheme. It is very simple, have few "silver" details printed in the body to make it looks like an armor. The minifigure also features black and red details. And the head, well, the head and face are really classic. The weapon is an original sword and the helmet is also very useful. The shield was included with some other crusaders. About the minifigure, it is overall nice and simple. I personally likes it much more than the new castle minifigs (these can be more detailed, but for me classics are classics).

    Overall, it is very useful and the catapult works correctly, making the playability good for a small set, but it still being very small. It is nice for Castle fans, but due to the rarity, it is now a bit more expensive than it was. For example, you can find it at Bricklink by 15 to 21 dollars. Worth if you like any increasement to your castle, but still a bit expensive, because you can get the value pack 1476 with this and more other four sets by 70 dollars. A good price, I think, but don't worth very much if you wish to get other small sets by less.

    This set is good, but could be get more cheaper than now in years ago. But still, it works very well and have a good playability to a small set. It is around a 4,6 out of 5.

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  • Ready, Aim, Fire

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I am not too sure but I think we got this with some other sets as in a combo box. It does come with a soldier with shield, sword, spear, and a lance. It is a small set and should not take to long to bulid. The only thing I do recomed is when you are buliding it make sure everthing is flush or the arm of the catapult will get stuck.

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  • Little Catapult

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    This is better than I thought it was. You get one knight minifigure with his sword and shield. You also get the catapult with some ammunition. If you own one, I would recommend getting another one of these.

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  • Nice little weapons platform

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    You get a well armed knight, flags, and a very good catapult (it was actually quite good at firing at other soldiers LOL). The set is great for pieces. 4 of the tall grey slopes and 3 little arches - very good for castle add ons.

    Overall: A great little castle set!

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  • King's Catapult

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    Value Pack Catapult

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    This comes as part of a Value Pack, giving a person a taste or sampling of several different Legoland themes of the time.

    A catapult is rather standard. The castle theme has a lot Catapults and wagons... so with a value pack, it seems if it wasn't a catapult, it'd been a wagon in the set.

    It's alright, just rather small for a catapult when there's larger ones around and ones for that matter that can be moved and turned. One minifig to flesh out an army is decent.

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