• The black knights' dual defender

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    This set is a small set of the castle theme and the Black knights subtheme. Like some of the black knights sets, this have a classic lego castle style, and was released in 1992. This set have no much pieces, but all the pieces are really useful. The two minifigures included are black knights, simple designed and also awesome. Their little shields, helmets and swords are also used in some other sets. The building of this dusl defender, a little double catapult, is cool, easy but it is not boring. The dual defender works very well and use some pieces as stones, that are a nice option to launch. The dual defender is above the small plate, that is a complement of the set. All the pieces are useful and the playability is basic of a little catapult from the classic castle sets. All works well and overall the set is cool. So, i rate the "Dual Defender" 5/5

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  • Dual Defender

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    Yet more catapults

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    There's days, it seems that all LEGO can do for the Castle them is castles, towers, more castles, towers.... catapults, wagons and yet more of the same.

    The main reason I got this was again, wanting to collect up all of the Lego sets I could at the time and for the minifigures.

    The pieces used for the "arm" of the catapult make it feel like it's incomplete. For a stationary 'pult, you can rotate it to face another direction, so that's not so bad. And it include plenty of ammo to launch at an invading army.

    That's about all that can be said for a lack luster set with little going for it and a standard model of yet another catapult.

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  • oh no

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    I did not like the castle sets that much like the ones like these I did not like the weird red and blue clothing they wear underneath the armour. I would have made it brown so it looks realistic. Although the black falcons blue and black is awsome

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  • Slot Machine

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Brunei Darussalam,

    This set probably deserves a better rating if it got embellished a little bit more, but the current look is rather drab for a Lego set of its era. It does have a lot going for it though - 6 missiles and two catapaults in such a small set is a good combination. Although the catapaults work great, it's a bit hard launching the payload as the end where it has to be pushed down is a wee bit tiny. There are two soldiers to help launch those missiles and the catapault can be rotated 360 degrees, which is good.

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