• Cool Boat for knights

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    This set is from the black knights subtheme, from the castle theme, and was released in the year of 1993. The set looks like small and is really small. But the design, altough like some old set building, is nice. The two black knight minifigures are simple but awesome, due to the design of their bodies, shields, spears and helmets, all in a color scheme that makes it better. The building of the boat is also simple, due to the size, but works correctly, and also the color scheme. The front of the boat have a simple dragon head, builted with some few and useful pieces. It not looks like much a dragon, like the dragon heads later used in the dragon knights subtheme sets, due to the size, because this dragon head is in a good weight for the boat, to makes it stay well in a good position. So, the building is easy and as a result, is a nice designe set. The playability is also basic like other small boats from this theme. So, i rate this 5/5

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  • Great

    Written by (Unspecified , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    This is one of the best castle sets of all time! Two minifigs and a small boat for like $4.25. A great way to make an army of minifigs and an armada of little boats. The helmet on the guy holding the shield is too specialized to be in mass however; Kind of like those obnoxious Redbeards and British soldier captains (that come in every pirate/imperial guard set...) Anyway switch the helmets and your good to go. I recommend buying this set, but only if you plan to buy it in mass.

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  • Pretty Cool Set

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    I Like This Set. It Includes 2 Black Knights, Some Weapons, A Barrel (Cargo), And A Boat. The Boat Looks SO Much Like A Vikings Boat Since It Has A Dragon Head And Two Paddles In The Back. The Set Is Pretty Nice And does Go Along With The Set Entitled "Sea Serphant". Good Set!

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  • Puff the magic dragon?

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Brunei Darussalam,

    This is the Black Knights' version of the dragon head boat and it seems a little bit more comical than the previous incarnation of the boat. Still it's a good solid design, with paddles at the back, a barrel, two minifigs and a dragon head that seems less like a dragon and more a disney horse.

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  • Black Knights Boat

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Okay little boat but generally ignored.

    Written by (AFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I received this set as a kid when it was in production and am reviewing it not as an avid adult LEGO fan. Currently this set sells for about $15 on Bricklink, about 28 cents per piece. There are no particularly rare pieces, though the grated knight helmet is the only such helmet in my collection.

    The dragon on the front is a bit crude and flimsy as designed. I find myself tempted to redesign and buff it up, but the reality is the Sea Serpent is a much nicer castle ship. While it's easy to smash and rebuild (which for me is crucial!), this little set struggles to find a role in my collection and tends to sit on the sidelines collecting dust.


    This set is discontinued. The purpose of my review is to suggest to a LEGO fan whether this is a quality set to add to their collection. My overall rating is based ONLY on Playability and Building Experience. See the LEGO Interests section of my profile for a detailed overview of how I review these sets.

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