• the colors dont look like a fire truck...

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    but if its a fire truck, well live with it... now im NOT a LEGO city fan, but was pleased to get this! its realy big for a Brick Master set, but who cares?! its a plus! it comes with a fire fighter guy, and ALL his fore-fighting accsesories! its all nicely built, and though its a bit hard to get him in the quad (his hat gets stuck in the bars), he still looks neat in it... the truck was an easy, yet fun build, with a realy nice lil truck as a reward! its head lights are wierd colors, but oh well... overall, get it if your a city fan, a Brick Master (like me), or wanna get it...

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  • Follow the yellow brick truck!

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    I just subscribed to Brickmaster, and I love it so far.

    This set has a lot to offer and as an exclusive it represents what Brickmaster has to offer very well.

    It has 56 pieces and is part of the City theme.


    The minifig has a good design and comes with great accessories. The head is a fairly unique head and I do not believe I have seen this head design before. It may be new or exclusive to this set. Either way it is great. The figure comes with a full helmet and oxygen tank set-up with a shoulder piece to connect the helmet and oxygen tank. The tubes look reminiscent of a deep-sea themed diving suit and really works well. The figure also comes with an axe and a fire extinguisher.

    The car:

    The car has an interesting design. It is small and stylish, but with the yellow coloring and the rear attachment with the lights appears more like a dune-buggy for beach rescue than a standard fire car. The Yellow bricks could easily be replaced with some red ones to make the car fit into an established fire station or it could be used with a coastal fire department as well. No doors on the car again makes it feel like a beach/offroad type vehicle but I like the uniqueness of it and as an exclusive set I am very happy with the design.


    The fireman has an axe, fire extinguisher, and full oxygen helmet/tank setup.

    Overall Impression:

    An excellent tiny set. No stickers, however no printed pieces either. If this set is representative of what Brickmasters can expect with each shipment I imagine everyone is very satisfied and it makes the high subscription price relatively bearable. Essentially the subscription is for a free magazine with a standard 50-60 piece lego set purchased at normal price. Though it may not be for everyone, I definitely recommend it!

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  • Nice Fire Car!

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    This set I got today and it is awesome! It has a good sturdy design and a minifigure for the car. The set as stated has NO stickers which is really good and it also has nice tools.


    -car design

    - tools and minifigure

    -No Stickers

    cons: none

    Overall it does say all about it in the pictures and if you want a nice set it is a good one to get ahold of.

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  • Amazing set, and it's free!

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    I really can't believe how good this set is. Its much better than the 7241 Fire Car. And best of all, its free. Sure you have to pay for a BrickMaster subscription, but if the quality of the sets continue to be this good, it will be the best money you ever spent.

    - Great design, the new front and back grill pieces are especially good.
    - Plenty of tools, transparent bricks, and other specialty parts.
    - Minifig!

    - The color scheme doesn't exactly scream "fire car", but I think its still good.

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  • 4x4 Fire Truck

    Overall rating
    Building experience
    Value for money

    Fire in the Woods!

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    I got this set from my parents around my birthday, my first experience with Lego Shop@Home. This set is really awesome, and among the only City sets that I will ever get.


    • -I as a small child was pleased with it, which means it's still okay now; in other words, the car looks cool, though it wouldn't if I received it right now.
    • -Details, like the ax, extinguisher, oxygen, and the red and blue lights are all excellent.


    • -Where's the red in this? It needs a bit more stereotypicality (my new word of the day).
    • -The oxygen piece is cool, but can be easily bended, like mine. Take caution with it!

    This set is great, and rather rare, though it probably could be built using parts from your collection right now. I recommend it, but remember that it is a child's toy.

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