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    Preston Is Back!

    Written by (AFOL) in United States,

    One Of The Mightest Members Of The Hero Factory Is Now Bigger And Iceier Than Ever Preston Stormer Along His 3 New Members Of Team Alpha Got A Brand Armor And A Brand New Weapon, But The One Thing That Never Changes Is That His Wisdom Is There And Always Will Be.

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  • Stormer 2.0

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    An Unexpected Surprise...

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    I bought this set yesterday and was very pleasantly surprised! I thought that it would stink because it looks nothing like the original Preston Stormer. I bought him anyway, however, because Stormer is my favorite hero and I had to stay up to date, right? Well, my disillusion was quickly dissipated as soon as I had opened up the canister. I must say that it is pretty impressive. The tube that extends from Stormer's back to his weapon is transparent, except for a blue streak that runs down the middle of it. His head and Hero Core are solid blue, and the printed piece that says "Stormer 2.0" on the top of the left arm is pretty cool as well. The light at the top of his headgear is transparent orange, and the GPS and thermal indicators that are mentioned on the sight are not there, the eyepiece just has some markings on it that would indicate such devices. One more thing about the pieces that needs to be mentioned is that the spears on his weapon are rubbery. The flexibility on this hero is excellent as well, and it allows a whole lot more poseablility to Stormer. Lastly, the code in the top of the canister grants you access to play the new game "Creep Crushers" as Stormer on www.herofactory.lego.com. Overall, a great set. Don't let the appearance on the canister deter you from buying this awesome hero!

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  • Stormer 2.0

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    My First Picture Review

    Written by (KFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    Hello Peoplez. This is my first picture review, so bear with me if they're blurry or anything. Without further ado, I present to you a review of Stormer 2.0


    It has a cool pose of Stormer 2.0, in the background there is Jetbug flying out if a tube and explosions everywhere. Also there is an ad for the web code on the inside of the lid. No, I am not going to tell it to you. :)

    Okay, the age reads 6-16 and it has 31 pieces. A (blurry) shot of the back:

    A combination model, a real-size hero core, and all that information nobody reads. Anyway, I do like the original heroes' backs better, because they have a fight scene. Anyway, the instructions:

    A detail I didn't notice on the box, a bit of it is taken up by a Makuhero City picture. That's messed up. :S. A random page:

    It's where you start building the weapon. Anyway, I have covered the box and instructions, so I go to the parts.


    Okay, I'll start off with a shot of all of them.

    Those blue parts are not sand blue by the way, they're medium blue.

    Those are all the new or recolored pieces. That tube is amazing, as is the nameplate and everything else. What's that, you say? Oh. There are only two not new or recolored pieces, which you can identify yourself in the all the pieces shot.

    Those are the new joints and the new body, Let me just tell you it is HARD to identify them. Okay, next.

    I show off the AMAZING nameplate. It's so beautiful it gets a picture all to its own.

    As is the new head. It looks less Iron-Man-y and looks more blocky. I know this is a bad shot, I'm sorry if you can't see it.

    The new spear sucks. Its even softer rubber than that original mold for the Atlantis tridents. As you can see here, it's very bendable.

    And the other new parts. From left to right are: hero core holder, main chest armor, new claw, new foot-like piece, helmet piece, hero core, and at the top that awesome tube. I will now advance to the build.



    The build

    This is step 2 of this model. I will advance to step 4:

    And before I put the armor on, I want to show you the very interesting way to connect the armor to the joint.

    That ball connects to that holder in the armor.

    On step 4, we have the legs complete and the arms starting to take shape.

    That is the weapon, which has his hand conneted to it already.

    Step 6. (The weapon and chest armor are submodels.) Now he is complete except for the head and the tube.

    The headgear. See those bars? They come into a very handy technique for the head.

    That's the bottom of the helmet. The headgear connects to the helmet.

    There he is nearly complete. I forgot to take a shot of the top of the head, but that has holes in it too and the headgear has pegs at the bottom too, so it can connect to that.

    Here he is standing up, still not complete. Oh wait, I forgot something to show you:

    See that ball near his waist? See something cool:

    That ball connecter connects to it for the desired effect. Something else:

    That's how you connect them.

    Completed Model

    The light of the window shines on him, and...

    He is complete!

    Here he is with his canister.

    Here is a shot from the back, better showing how the tube is connected, the armor is connected, and the Makuhero City party of the canister.

    Here's a shot that simply shows his two hands aren't the same. One thing I forgot to tell you, That fist hand is new; it has four fingers.

    This is showing the new knees that LEGO finally decided to put in.

    And elbows, too! Yay!

    The suckiness of the spears can be shown nowhere closer than this. Need I say more?

    A cool shot from the left, showing the nameplate and that bulb on the headgear.


    No pictures here, just the summary.

    Building experience: 8/10. It's fun enough, but I feel that weird desire like with Indiana Jones sets. If it was bigger, or Fire Lord was made like this but with lots of add-ons, it would be much funner.

    Parts: 10/10 All of them are beautiful. Amazing.

    Playability: 8/10 I only have Nex 2.0, Breez 2.0, and Stormer 2.0, but with baddies, it's funner. (I speak as someone that has all the 2010 Hero Factory sets.)

    Value for Money: 7/10 It's the same as the old heroes, who only have 17 and 19 pieces, but these have around 30, and they're the same price. Amazing. But still, The prices for all Bionicle/ Hero Factory are bad.

    Design: 8/10 I like the design for the armor attaching, and I don't like the helmet falling off all the time, but it evens out in the end.

    Action Figures: 10/10 (That section is usually minifigures but this doesn't have any.) I like him overall.

    Overall: 51/60 It made it to the 50 mark, and that's really good. I hope this was helpful, because I spent all day working on it.

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  • Stormer 2.0

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    Ice Blast 2.0

    Written by (KFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I got Stormer 2.0 at TRU a few days ago. He is one of the best Lego's I have ever gotten. First he comes with twice as many pieces as the first. Another thing is that his weapon is awesome and the build of the head is very cool.

    • Pros:
    • Good amount of pieces
    • Awesome blue spears
    • Snap on armor
    • A blue hero core
    • Goggle visor whatever it is piece
    • Exclusive STORMER 2.0 armor piece
    • Cons: None
    Overall this a fantastic set and I would recommend it to any Hero Factory collector.5/5

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  • Stormer 2.0

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    I'm going to go with the cliche "Awesome Set"

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    Got this for Christmas, and I'm loving it. Where should I start?
    (if you don't want to read the whole review, skip to the overall where I sum everything up)

    BUILDING EXPERIENCE: If you're new to Hero Factory and the 2011 sets are your first figures, it won't be anything new. But if you were a Bionicle fan or liked the 2010 Heroes, the building is completely different. It's basically all ball joints and rods (like the kind you can put in minifig hands).As a matter of fact, there are only three connections that are Technic (2 axles, one pin). But overall, the building experience was quite fun.

    PARTS: All... Well, most... of the parts are new molds.The only reused parts are the orange bulb on his helmet, the tube, and the spears (which could be new. I don't know if they've been rubbery before).As for interesting pieces, you have the armor, limbs, helmet, hand (which has four fingers and a thumb), the weapon, and the tube, which is transparent with blue inside it. It's kinda like Meltdown's tubes only instead of green, it's blue. I'm not going to get into detail, I'll leave it a surprise for you.

    PLAYABILITY: Playability is much better than last year's Heroes, and all small sets for that matter. Stormer (and the other Heroes) has knees and elbows. This way you can get him into some excellent poses.

    COMPLAINTS: I have few complaints about this set, and the ones I do are very minor. First of all, he only has one hand. The other arm has his weapon. Second, the body armor kinda wobbles, but that's not too bad. Finally, his feet are big. From some poses, they don't look as big, and they look smaller in person, but they're still there.

    OVERALL: I highly recommend him. The building was fun and new, the parts are great and are all new molds, he has elbow and knee joints, and my few complaints are very minor. Plus, eight bucks is a steal for what you get: an awesome, well articulated figure. If you see him in the store, definitely pick him up.

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