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    Pretty standard for a micro-scale Architecture set

    Written by (AFOL) in United States,

    This is a pretty standard Architecture set: lots of small pieces, all in the same color, and lots of repetition in the build. I'm not a huge fan of that, but it does seem like a requirement when you are depicting real buildings with lots of symmetry and multiple floors.

    The build has some interesting techniques to it. The whole structure is shifted a half brick from the base. The roof tiles are 2x1 pieces centered on a brick with a holed stud, which is a bit unusual for an official build but it holds well enough. I was surprised it wasn't pointed out in the instructions. There's one other dodgy bit with a vertical 2x1 flat tile attached vertically that really seems to intrude on a nearby stud. It's not structural though so it doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things.

    My main problem with this set is that it doesn't really look like the real Big Ben. The color is pretty spot-on, and the lower tower and parliament buildings are as good as they could be at this scale, but the top of the tower is just wrong. The real one has big square clockfaces that don't stick out and cover the entire side of the top, while Lego decided to use smaller round stock clock pieces that have to stick out an extra piece's thickness to attach. A custom 2x2 printed brick with the real Big Ben clock face would have made this set look so much better. If they can print up the Big Ben name plate brick, they should also print up other pieces that are much more important to the build.

    This is a general issue with these micro-scale Architecture sets. They choose scales that are just too small to accurately reflect a real building's nuance and details. 3x3 to represent Big Ben? Impossible.

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