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    Beware of General Kruncha!

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    Kruncha is very different because he was a surprise character[along with Wyplash],that appeared in July.He is second in command of the evil skeleton army,and he became leader after Samukai was defeated,and Garmadon escaped.He has an optic[transparent]spinner,and a very odd looking golden weapon called the golden hatchet twins.If he holds them with two hands while spinning,he is very hard to knock off.Now that you have some background,let's get on to the review.

    Kruncha didn't really have a build to his spinner set[like almost all others],but he did have good parts to make up for it.I was excited because when I got this,Kruncha was a new figure to me.The head and armor were new[Wyplash was the only other character to have matching armor],as were all of his cards,and the golden weapon was new also.I gave this set a four for playability,because I bought this set along with Wyplash,Sensei Wu, and Garmadon.Plus,I already had all the other spinners except for Cole and Kai DX.Along with the fact that this set was my first time obtaining Kruncha,this set was almost worth the money,too.Whether you want Kruncha or not,it's a great set overall,so go out and buy it!

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