• Hawkeye with equipment

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    Perfect addition to the Quinjet

    Written by (AFOL) in Germany,

    Well, this is a very small set, but a very useful and effective addition to the #6869 Quinjet. I don't want to repeat what others have already written in their reviews, but it seems that most of them overlooked a very nice feature of this set.

    First of all: Getting Hawkeye in a polybag is the perfect addition to the Quinjet crew. He comes with his weapons rack, which fits very nicely (!) into the back of the Quinjet. Yeah, that's right. It fits in right there, where the set designers left a big open space, showing the drone mechanism.

    The only thing you have to do is swap the fire extinguisher with the binoculars and voila - put it in. If you like it more secure, you can remove the white 2x4 floor tile before putting it in. You can use the white tile as flooring or to secure the hatch in the ceiling, so it won't come open while doing some swooshing.

    A really great set with high playvalue, in my opinion!

    Hope this is helpful to others!

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  • Hawkeye with equipment

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    A hero and his toys.

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in Sweden,

    Without a doubt - this is the cheapest way to get Hawkeye at the moment. Included with our Kalle Anka (Donald Duck) comic in Sweden this week, safely inside a polybag, this is somewhat an exclusive miniset, just as the Batman sets included in the British The Sun magazine, a couple of days ago. With the Donald Duck comic, in a whole it only cost a little more than your standard price for one of the Collectable Minifigures, which is a great value. So one set I keep for myself and then I have a bunch unopened bags to sell on ebay in a couple of years.


    After seeing the movie I really liked Clinton F Barton (Hawkeye) and I think LEGO did a good job transferring him into a minifigure. It would be cool to get a retro costume Hawkeye in the future. This minifigure is great, to be honest. Just a great one to have either for play or if you're a collector.

    Head/hair: Two-sided face, one with his infra-vision glasses. A really cool touch and red colour. He also has a more normal face with a stern expression. His hair is light brown in a slick backswept fashion.

    Torso: It has his armour/costume and is printed on both sides. It shows some real nice paint work, the straps and protection leather. I do wish his quiver wasn't printed on the back, but a separate piece with a Hawkeye touch to it. His left hand is black. What did you expect? He is the master marksman, after all.

    Legs: Black legs with some markings to get in tune with the torso.

    Arms rack.

    You get a small rack with the set. It includes a walkie-talkie, binoculars, handcuffs (actually, there are 2 of those included) and a fire exstinguisher. The rack itself comes in gray and S.H.I.E.L.D. blue and is a very easy and short build. The rack looks great anyway, and offers great playability if you decide to send Hawkeye off in the night to catch some villian. Nice to include extra handcuffs in an already small set.


    Despite being a very small set it is totally worth it. You get more of that blue colour that many might already be familiar with from 6867, 6869 and 6868 and that is just very fitting. I like the fact that they have included so many things for his arms rack. And you can't go wrong with Hawkeye. At this low price, which is the price for the comic, actually, at least Swedish LEGO fans should not be able to resist. Get a few while they last!


    • You get Hawkeye penally cheap!
    • Lots of accessories included for this small set.
    • Extra handcuffs.
    • Offers playability.


    • I miss a quiver on the back which is not printed.
    • Otherwise... no cons!

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  • Hawkeye with equipment

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    30165 - Hawkeye with Equipment

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    This is the second Marvel polybag to come from the Sun promotion this Autumn here in the UK and has also appeared in some Scandinavian countries. While it is perhaps not quite up to the standard of the fantastic set 30163, Thor and the Cosmic Cube, it is a nice little set with a lovely figure and a decent model too.


    This model is packaged in a small polybag as usual which displays Hawkeye walking towards the small equipment rack included with his bow held aloft. Along the top of the bag is a dark red border in which there is the Lego Marvel Super Heroes logo and a nice image of the four most prominent Avengers going into battle. In the bottom right hand corner is the Avengers symbol. On the back of the bag there is absolutely nothing of interest, just an advertisement for the Lego Club and some safety information.

    The small instruction sheet is folded in the polybag and consists of a very small image on the cover (the same as that on the polybag) and an advertisement for a few of the other Marvel sets at the back.


    There are in fact quite a few nice pieces included in this set, not least of which are the three dark blue tiles which adorn the equipment rack and the three one by one round translucent orange tiles (including the spare). We also get some handcuffs and light bluish grey binoculars which are uncommon along with Hawkeye's lovely medium dark flesh hairpiece, which is exclusive to this character. Best of all however, which will come as no surprise to you all, is Hawkeye's brilliant bow which looks fantastic, although it is in fact not the bow he uses in the Avengers film, but the one he is seen wielding briefly in the Thor movie. It is unprinted but the moulding is highly detailed and is almost a replica of the film prop in miniature scale!


    The Hawkeye Minifigure is excellent overall and is identical to the figure which appears in two other Avengers sets. Starting at the top is his lovely medium dark flesh hairpiece which is moulded with some rather nice texture and is fairly accurate to his hairstyle in the film. The head piece is printed on both sides with two different expressions. On one side is an angry expression with brown eyebrows and bared teeth, on the other he has a serious and determined expression, along with his lovely red tinted sunglasses.

    His torso is printed with very highly detailed padding and his dark grey quiver strap along with plenty of armour segments. Comparing him to the movie costume, this is really an extraordinary likeness which is marvellous. On the back we find more padding and the continued strap which leads to a printed quiver on his back with three arrows in it. While I would rather have seen a separate piece for his quiver, that would have required a brand new mould as the old quiver is very different to the one worn by Hawkeye, which might have driven up the price of sets in which this hero is included. His arms are flesh in colour as is his right hand, his left hand however is gloved and therefore black, which is a nice bit of extra detail. The legs are predominantly black and printed with lots of buckled straps, all of which look fantastic and are fairly accurate. The compound bow is cast in black and has all of the shaping that we see briefly in the Thor film. Held on the bow is an arrow ready to fire at anyone who crosses his path.

    The build

    As one expects of a polybag set the build is short and sweet taking less than a minute. There are no interesting building techniques as far as I can see, just placing bricks one on top of another, going back to the roots of Lego.

    The completed model

    This model is very small and does not really have any features, but is a great addition to a larger scene and is nice to display. Mounted on the dark grey and dark blue equipment rack are four accessories, a walkie-talkie, a pair of handcuffs, a pair of binoculars and a red fire extinguisher. It is a shame that there is nowhere to place Hawkeye's compund bow and one accessory will always have to be held by the Minifigure, but nevertheless this is a nice little model and I like all of the items included for Hawkeye to use.


    This is a good little polybag set, not quite up to the standard of set 30163, Thor and the Cosmic Cube, but nevertheless a very attractive prospect. The Minifigure is the biggest draw as usual for a polybag featuring a figure but is probably not as desirable as the Thor figure since Hawkeye comes in a much smaller set so is cheaper to purchase. However if you are looking for a Hawkeye Minifigure and some brilliant accessories to go with him without having to pay for set 6867, Loki's Cosmic Cube Escape, this is a must have for anybody. I highly recommend it and suggest if you are lucky enough to find it, buy it!

    Overall - 8/10

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  • Hawkeye with equipment

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    Hawkeye with equipment: Review

    Written by (KFOL) in United Kingdom,

    Hawkeye with equipment (30165)

    This set came free with The Sun (don't judge me) on Sunday 28th October, 2012. As I am a keep lego enthusiast, it was a no brain-er to get this set, for 40p, you can't go wrong, can you??


    • Is some free lego
    • One of the cheaper ways to get the legendary Hawkeye
    • Contains wall of equipment
    • Two handcuffs!
    • New bow & arrow!
    • Hawkeye has quiver!
    • uhhh, fire extinguisher?


    • err, stocks can run out?!

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