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    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in Canada,

    Set #30170 Ganrash: Since this little Polybagged gem hasn't been reviewed yet I shall provide a quick bit of information concerning it in the hopes of helping out those looking for it as part of their Heroica Game collection.

    Right off the bat I've got nothing to say about the rules or the gameplay involved with it, I haven't actually found anything on how it is meant to be incorporated into the game honestly. The LEGO site hasn't added anything for it yet, and the packaging itself only features how to build it.

    Ganrash is a small beach, the micro-build play area is a small add-on for the larger Heroica boards. I'm not entirely sure where LEGO intends for it to go in the larger Heroica display, however I'm certain it will fit in quite nicely wherever you and your rules think it should go. The set includes two Microfigures, a Goblin Warrior and a different Goblin Class guarding the small tent built up in one corner of the board. You also get two golden daggers and some sort of potion brick, I honestly can't say what kind it is as I haven't yet acquired all of the Heroica sets. So I don't know if it has a specific function at the time of this review.

    What I can tell you though is that this is a pricey add-on kit for anyone not living in Canada to acquire it, sold only through Toy's-R-Us in Canada the Polybagged set is more than likely going to cost you the same price as most boxed Heroica games through E-Bay. You're going to have to weigh in your own choice if you want this set enough to shell out such large funds for it, unless you're lucky enough to live in Canada or know someone who will kindly not charge you inflated scalper prices for it, Ganrash is one of those high-priced collectibles that will only climb in value. Unless LEGO offers it through alternative means in the future.

    Personally I'm glad I was convinced to pick this up, it's a great little add-on kit for the main game and without any real rules you can incorporate any type of play pattern you want into the thing. Be as creative as you want with it I'd say, within the confines of the game world of course. One final note, I'm pretty impressed with the level of detail found in the Microfigures, in point of fact an amusing observation I made was that they are perfectly sized, and capable of fitting on Mini-Figure hands to represent Mini-Figures for your Mini-Figures. It also makes for an even larger display piece when you're not playing any of the Heroica games just to admire and enjoy, should you go in for that sort of thing.

    I hope this review has been helpful, and I hope if you're a Polybagged Collector you'll have some great friends in my native country to help you find this set. Reccomended with caution of the limited availability and price of the set.

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