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    The one, that started it all

    Written by (AFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in Germany,


    Had no Box with mine, but got it with the original Booklet, but a bit worn from 35 years. The Instructions are very challenging, adding many bricks per step, but still straight forward.

    Well the price was quite high for an 35 year old used set, but at 119€ , not too overpriced. The newest Lego Castle has more bricks, but less figures and costs around 100€


    Mostly simple basic parts, that were around back in it's days. And all yellow, which isn't too realistic, but heck that one is from the Late 70s and surely was one of the best Sets around back then. But still had some grey plates inside and the red drawbridge.


    Nice Figs, giving the period of time and a whopping 14 of them. This was long before the newer castle Themes. The Horses are all brick built, not the newer one part horses. If you are missing a part or lost it, you can just add Basic bricks in the same Color as replacements.

    The build

    Very Challenging for a rather simple Model. The steps add about 10 times more parts, than today, but you see the Progress. First you are building the main walls, later the submodels: Three towers and the drawbridge. If you want, you can dismantle it and build another Castle or something else from the over 700 parts included. On the backside of the box are Alternates, If you don't care for them, just use your imagination.

    Overall opinion

    Great classic, even for city collectors. Not too sturdy, due to the 5 baseplates included, but extremely playable. If you want, you can open the castle and making it looking larger, than it is. When you are removing the Castle minifigs, you can even put it in your Lego city as a historic landmark. This one deserves 5 points.

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  • Castle

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    Lego Steve's Review

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    This set was what started it all, over thirty years of love (that we have all experienced) came from the success of this product (take a moment, I know its special). Coming with a very generous number of bricks (767) and figs (14) this set might look basic, but it was actually very exciting for its time.

    Every minifigs came with a breastplate (though a primitive early version) and we can see a total of four factions, the strongest of which contained eight men (five with axes, 2 with swords and shields, and one knight on a horse) whilst the other three contained only two each (a knight and a squire perhaps?). This set has great versatility, and the numbers of figs make it completely playable just on its own, it’s not clear if the six other figs are friends or foes but still it’s an interesting minifigs selection (image a set being released now this 6 minifigs as the adversaries).

    The set was also designed to be opened and the alternative models will have owners building for days, the castle itself features 3 towers, a front gate (which can be pulled up) and a back door (for a quick escape if the castle is overrun).

    The only flaws with the set are the brick built horse’s (I am not a fan) and the fact the castle is yellow, personally I have never been the biggest fan of the brick colour, as it’s just not that great (I once made it using white instead of yellow and it looked much better), but again due to that fact that this was the pioneering set, I can’t really complain, and the design itself is still very nice.

    If you liked this review click on the link to see a theme review with alternate builds.

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  • Castle

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    THE Yellow Castle, after 34 years still brilliant.

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in Netherlands,

    Overall 5 bricks: The first Castle Lego sold (the real first castle is the Weetabix Castle but that was a promotional set) was and is still brilliant. A great fully original design which can be opened, with 14 minifigures and 4 horses. Very strange and remarkable that this great set, although brought out in the USA 3 years later, never has returned as a Legend. It certainly deserves it.

    Building 5 bricks: Building it is a great experience, all small pieces with of course several arches and beams to give it strength. You built from the ground to above, here no loose components yet although the ground plates are split in 5 so you are able to open the Castle thanks to the hinges in the walls. When finished with the walls and the walking boarders you start the building of the rear main tower. This tower has a corridor, just like the 2 smaller towers, and a great window which is constructed with 6 yellow round studs and 6 small red open bricks. Very simple but look fantastic in the yellow tower. The red color returns in the back entrance with the 2 small doors and in the main entrance being a good working drawbridge with a stiil good working reel winch. The side towers, both with corridors, have als 2 open windows on each side. Last job is building the front with the reel upon it to open the drawbridge with an overall great and reasonable solid result. Than finally you have to built the 4 brick horses and assemble the minifigures. Not a Castle for a junior Lego fan, I estimate a minimum age of 8 years.

    Parts 5 bricks: no real spectacular parts but all chosen very good. Arches in several sizes and the big yellow slopes on the sides are great. The horses, although made of normal bricks, are remarkable. Best parts are in my opinion the flag and the helmets with visors of the Knights although they are very vulnerable. You can discuss the colours Lego used but the combination yellow / red makes it look great and that is what counts for me.

    Playability 5 bricks: this set with its content and looks invites every kid for a great time or must I say invited. If you own this Castle I don't think you are going to allow any kid to play with it. This has become a set to look at, not to play with.

    Value 5 bricks: both for me and in general. I paid € 50,00 and had to invest € 25,00 more for missing parts and instructions so a total of € 75,00 which was a good deal considering Bricklink offers an average of € 150,00. I think a price of € 125,00 would be normal but complete with ALL stickers in good condition (I miss some) € 150,00 is acceptable.

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  • Castle

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    Brilliant Castle. Played with this set for years!

    Written by (AFOL) in Australia,

    This was the first 'big' set I ever got. I think from memory it was for my 8th birthday.

    I think the best thing with this set it that someone thought about the playability rather than maybe just what it looked like.

    There were 14 minifigures to go with it, horses included and the set could open up to display the centre. Plus on the side of the box there were other versions of the castle that could be built, although without instructions it was a little difficult but gave you something to start the imagination going!

    As it also was really entirely made of individual bricks, it was really easy to take your other odd Lego bits and pieces and add to the overall set (horse stables etc etc) and not look out of place.

    The drawbridge I think was the only downside to the playability of the castle, it did come apart fairly easily, especially if the winch would get stuck for whatever reason, and from memory this did happen a bit.

    Not a real drawback, but it wasn't something that was easily carried around once constructed either, I think I had many disasters when trying to move it around!

    I also have the USS Constellation set and this one I did look after quite well, unfortunately the Castle set did end up becoming one of those boxes of Legos that nieces and nephews used over the years and I am positive that I will have some pieces missing.

    But I am going to start the process of building it again (with my son this time), see what pieces are missing and then locate these pieces somewhere to finish it off.

    It was a great looking unit, definitely worth the effort to try and get your hands on the first Lego Castle and in my opinion the best.

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  • My best Christmas present as a child

    Written by (Unspecified) in United Kingdom,

    I had this castle as a present for Christmas when I was a seven-year-old girl and I loved it (I had never been one to conform to stereotypes). It was the best Lego set I ever had (possibly because my parents then refused to buy me more sets as I made too much mess with it). I'd wanted the castle, because I'd been given the Town Square-Castle Scene (set 1592-1 - which I also still have), as my first proper Lego set and had become instantly hooked. This castle seemed like a natural progression from that. I remember it did cause me problems though as I was also into the town part (thanks to the Town Square) and tried to reconcile castle and town together, and don't think I ever managed it properly.

    This castle was great because once I'd grown bored of one castle, there are several others on the box that I used to build just using the picture (although they may not have been as functional - if my memory serves me correctly).

    Eventually parental pressure left its mark and I stopped playing with Lego, but I kept it all.

    Yesterday, I hauled it out from storage (I still have the box), found the instructions online, and rebuilt it! I had kept all of the bricks, other pieces and minifigures. It was still a challenge to build (but that maybe because I'm now a rusty Lego-builder), because it's not always clear which pieces are going where (I think my elder brother may have helped me as a child).

    What makes this set brilliant:

    It's built entirely of bricks - there are no 'panels' as with later models.
    It's fairly complex to build, which makes it fun even as an adult.
    It's pleasing to the eye.
    The castle is functional (although not particularly stable).

    Slight downsides:
    I do remember the drawbridge tower coming off whenever I tried to put figures on it.
    I remember it was a bit tricky to get the figures into the towers and have them fixed to the floor (and if you just have them resting on the board, they fall down whenever you knock the castle).
    The mini-figures all have stickers instead of the symbols being printed on - I'll just use other figures now.
    The horses are made from bricks - but this isn't a problem now because I just use normal horses.

    If you don't have this set, would love to, and don't mind that it's not an authentic set, buy all the bricks you need (I would probably choose grey if I was building this set from scratch), and build it using the instructions online. I think there may be only a few pieces that you'd have to search for (red doors, winder?).

    This castle stands-out for me as the best, because all of the later models were very poor in comparison - they had lost their build-ability and just used panels.

    I now think I was extremely lucky to have been into Lego during its 80s heyday. I bought sets much later on (when I was in my late-20s) when I'd left home, but found them to be very poor in comparison - they were all panels! After having had this castle, where it was all built-up from bricks, I avoid buying the new sets, as they still seem to be quite panel-y. I still want to build a town, but will be creating my own.

    All-in-all, a brilliant set that brought me a lot of happiness.

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