• Pirate Plank

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    Written by (KFOL) in United Kingdom,

       I bought this set when I was browsing in a shop, I decided I would pick it up, when I got home I opened it up and organised the 1x1 tiles, if I remember correctly you get about nine of each colour which are tan, yellow, white and red. The micro figures were quite good especially the captain and castaway, the yellow one looks rather strange as only the front is printed.Building it is quite enjoyable and the ship is well designed but the flag looks rather odd because of its size. You get a nice supplement of gold studs and a useful blue baseplate the sharks do give a good impression of sharks but the also seem to resemble rocks. Playing the game is quite fun but is very short if only two players are present the rules are quite similar to lava dragon except that when placing the tile you place another players tile instead. I found the price quite a lot, even 2 pounds of would have been better, but maybe I'm jut picky...

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