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    I picked up Atlantis Treasure and was extremely impressed with the entire package.Building is perhaps a little repetitive, but that's the nature of building a game board. The details are very nice, and the components [especially the minisubs] are top-notch.What's most important is the gameplay, which far and away exceeds anything else I've seen as far as the Lego Games go. They're usually simple fun, being aimed at kids, but Atlantis Treasure manages to actually feel challenging. It requires forethought and decisions, as well as allowing for some level of strategy. as opposed to the general roll-and-do that the other games are almost all exclusively built on. As I'm playing it, I can't help but feel with each move that perhaps I'm doing something wrong, which for me means it's a better game. Not that I've played all of them, but from my experience, this is the best Lego game produced so far, hands down.

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