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    40052 Springtime sceneSpring is in the air...

    Actually it's still freezing in the UK at the moment, but LEGO brand stores have put this set, 'Springtime scene', out on the shelves to remind us that, hopefully, warmer weather is just around the corner.

    40052 is the latest in the 40000 series of sets that are normally exclusively sold in LEGO brand stores and shop.LEGO.com. They are usually seasonally themed, designed for specific shops (e.g. in New York), or for special in-store offers.

    This one is unusual in that it's the first seasonal one to contain minifigs.

    For a polybag set, it has a lot of pieces, 88 of them, including quite a few substantial ones. Consequently it commands a higher price than you'd perhaps expect for a polybag: £6.99.

    As you can see from the photo above, it consists of three sub-models: a bench, a fountain and a tree. It contains 18 (plus 2 spares) of the 'Bracelet upper part' (1 x 1 flowery-piece) which is used on the flower stems and on the tree. The tree also has cherries hanging from it, which I believe is the first time I've seen that in an official model.

    As I've said before, and will now demonstrate, the 1 x 1 flowery piece is for connecting certain pieces stud-to-stud:

    Useful building technique Useful building technique

    (Who'd have thought you might learn a useful building technique whilst reading Brickset!)

    The minifigs feature some of the more useful and attractive generic torsos that have been made over the last few years but, really, would the woman be wearing an all-orange trouser-suit? I think she'd have looked better in jeans.

    40052 Springtime scene

    My only criticism of the set is that it would have been preferable to have had a larger base plate, say a 16 x 16, and for everything to fit on it rather than being three separate parts.

    In summary, this is a neat little set, but its relatively high price probably pushes it above the impulse buy threshold for the casual buyer, particularly when there are much cooler sets (Kai's Power Mech for example) to be had for about the same amount of money.

    It's definitely one that true LEGO aficionados will appreciate though. With 40054 Summer Scene and 40057 Fall Scene sets due out later this year, together they'll all make a neat display.

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