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    Written by (AFOL) in United States,

    After about 500 sets and 1,000 minifigs over 30 years, I finally realized I needed a Lego Santa. Somehow, someway, I had yet to get one despite having almost every major seasonal set over the years.

    So thus this was the perfect opportunity. The set is "cute",,, it is pretty self-explanatory. Really and truly, I just wanted to get the Santa Claus. I already have a similar sled from a set last year, but it is okay. I'll take it. It fits in well. The reindeer was a nice attempt. I am torn with the reindeer, though. In my winter display, I have the Lego molded horses carrying sleds and carts of happy figs through the snow. The pieced together little reindeer doesn't quite fit. I will tell you something: if Lego ever made a Santa with the 8 reindeer (even better with Rudolph), I think I would spend 100 bucks on it. Maybe 150. Not kidding. But I think I would prefer the pre-molded reindeer over the pieced together ones, for sure. Why hasn't Lego done this, yet? Kids and adults alike would go gaga over it. Don't get me wrong, this particular reindeer looks half decent considering the limitations and a very classical Lego interpretation,,, but I digress.

    Then there's the secondary guy with a walkie talkie or a cell phone? I don't know who this guy is supposed to be. It would have been nice to have him be an elf. He certainly doesn't look like an elf. Maybe an elf with a recent makeover and a shave. But hey, it was included and another fig to add to the collection.

    Back to the Santa. Finally, an open opportunity to get a Santa and to get it fairly cheap. Thanks, Lego. Finally. Without any promotions. Just a Santa and a sled for under 10 bucks so it is accessible to about anyone. Nice stocking stuffer.


    I'm torn on this, too. Not good enough. Oh don't get me wrong, buy it. Especially if you don't have a Lego Santa. The issue? This Santa is wearing a red jumpsuit. As in a plain red shirt and red pants. No black belt??? No black boots??? No pockets??? Nothing?!?!?!


    Okay, I would get it if this came out in 1983. However, it is 2013. It is, right?? And literally ever fig has some print on his/ her little shirt. Often the pants as well. And we got a white beard that looks like the one in the Lego castle sets (wizards) of the mid 1990s? And his hat looks like the same mold from the Pirates collections of the late 80s. That's it. Oh myyyy.

    I think I could have created that same Santa with my own pieces. Actually, I checked. I can. I can make 7 of them being exactly identical. Well almost. They look like this Santa, for sure.

    So anyway, get it. It's pretty good. But Lego could and should have done better, here. I am also quite certain it was purposeful. I doubt it would have been hard to have some printed outfit as previous Santas,,, thus you got to wonder if Lego will just entice guys like me to spend even more to get a nicer one. Guess what? It worked.

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