• Green Lantern

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    Written by (KFOL) in United States,

    I got this set for Easter as a gift, and he's my first Buildable Figure for the Super Heros line.


    The box shows Green Lantern in space and behind him is a strange alien world.

    The Instructions where fine, no bugs.


    The parts are awesome! There is a new lighter green color for the armor, and it has 6 new pieces. These include the Morning Star pieces (his energy blast), his chestplate, his head, and friction joint attachments.

    The build

    The build is very fun, using all the new pieces and colors.

    The completed model

    The finished Green Lantern not only look awesome, but is very posable! The shoulder pads move so you can pose the arms in any way.


    I think this model is great for DC fans, Green Lantern fan, and people who like green!

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