• Quidditch Match

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    the best lego harry potter 2010 set made to date for the fall line

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,


    the box is medium sized box and the instructions are 32 pages long


    the parts are amazing because they range colors from tan to gold


    Harry potter: Harry potter is in his Gryffinndor Quidditch robes and his two expressions 1. glad and 2. serious

    Draco Malfoy: Draco Malfoy is in his Slytherin Quidditch robes and his two expressions like harry, 1. smirking and 2. cringing

    Oliver Wood: Oliver Wood has only 1 expression and he is in his Gryffinndor Quidditch robes

    Marcus Flint: Marcus Flint has only 1 expression like Oliver Wood and he is in his Slytherin Quidditch robes

    Madam Hooch: Madam Hooch is in her flying instructor uniform and she has two expressions 1. with her goggles on and 2. without her goggles on

    The build

    The build is really easy, not too hard and medium

    The completed model

    when i finished it i was like wow because i was so glad i got it on my birthday

    Overall opinion

    I would recommend this set because if you are a fan of harry potter or Lego or both, buy this set and here's a picture of the Quidditch Pitch at Hogwarts for my MOC:

    Quidditch Pitch

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  • Quidditch Match

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    Let the Match Begin!!

    Written by (TFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    Review For Set 4737-1: Quidditch Match

    Overall, this was a fairly nice set, clearly an improvement from the last.


    • - Spectator stand is nicely built.
    • - Madam Hooch
    • - Marcus Flint
    • -Trophy!
    • -Quidditch ring pieces were very interesting. And the ring pieces overall were great.


    • -Olvier Wood's head is exactly the same as Mutt Williams from the Indiana Jones line.
    • -Goofy little catapults were unessecary in my opinion. Just extra things tossed in to make the set more appealing.


    This sets is a very nice set to add to your HP collection. Hooch and the others are all great to stick around the castle as well, and the quidditch 'stuff' looks great infront of the castle.

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  • Quidditch Match

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    Quidditch Match Review

    Written by (Unspecified , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    All the 2010 releases of Harry Potter are great, this great set is packed full of five new minifigures, several balls, the snitch, a new trophy and stand, a spectator's stand, two catapults, three rings, five brooms, pointless helmets and a chest.


    • The minifigures are great and the amount for the price is also great.
    • The new Draco Malfoy has a switch-around face, new garb and a new greasy pulled-back hairpiece.
    • Marcus Flint is a great new minifigure with "beaver" teeth to match his personality.
    • Oliver Wood is a new minifigure as well.
    • Madame Hooch is given a better design.
    • The spectator stand is well designed, as compared to the original.
    • I like how the golden flex rods serve as rings, this way the buyer can build something completely different with the pieces from the set.
    • The props such as the trophy, catapults, chest, quaffles and bludgers are all great.


    • Oliver Wood has a recycled face also used for Mutt Williams, along with his hair, meaning the minifigure could also be "Mutt Williams (Quidditch)".
    • The snitch very well could of been a new piece, rather than a stud, the wings really should of been added this time.

    Despite the negative thoughts of the set, I would suggest anyone Harry Potter fan or not, to buy this set. I give this the rare grade of an A.

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  • Quidditch Match

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    "I like this ball"

    Written by (Unspecified , silver-rated reviewer) in Australia,


    This is one of six new 2010 HP sets, a line which many people thought had finished. Personally, I think that the new sets have a much greater extent of detail and attention to the books and films. All the minifigures have been completely redesigned. Obviously, LEGO have based these sets on multiple books/films in the series, as well as earlier LEGO set locations and events. The first incarnation of this set was released in 2002. I got this set for 20% off along with four of the other 2010 HP sets when these sets were first officially released.


    Harry Potter is one of many of the new minifigs to have a double-sided head. One side is a smile and the other side is a frown. Although this minifigure shows great detail, the excitement wears thin from the character being in all six sets. The quidditch uniform is good though, and evolves from the previous design. Many complain about him having the original hairpiece. I don't know what to say to this because it doesn't bother me. I like how his hands have been coloured brown to represent gloves. He also has a cape which covers the back of the torso, which I don't believe has back printing.

    Draco Malfoy wears the same quidditch uniform as Harry, with the colours and house crest being that of Slytherin. I believe he has a new hairpiece which is also used for Fenrir Greyback. Like Harry, he has a double-sided head, with one side a smirk and the other a scared expression. Like other important child characters in the series, he is included in two of the new sets.

    Rolanda Hooch wears a quidditch umpire's uniform which looks very similar to the previous design. She also has a double sided head. One side with goggles and one without. The side without has completely amber eyes with no obvious pupils, which I think looks weird, but is not really a negative. She has grey gloves and like all the other minifigs in this set, she has a cape. This is the only one of the new sets that includes this character and only the second time this character has been in a LEGO set.

    Oliver Wood is completely identical to the Harry minifig in this set, except for face an hair. The face and hair are quite simple. This means that this minifig could probably be treated as a random Gryffindor player. I mean this as a positive and if you have this set you can use the minifig however you wish. The character may be important in this set, as he is the Gryffindor captain. His character has only been seen in LEGO form in this set.

    Marcus Flint is completely identical to the Draco minifig in this set, except for face and hair. Like the Wood minifig, this one could be used as a quidditch random or the team captain. His character also has never been seen in LEGO form before this set. The previous incarnation of this set had the same minifigs, but Wood and Flint were absent.


    This is the only 2010 HP set that does not include any animals.


    brown broomstick (3)
    black broomstick (2)
    beater's bat (2)
    quidditch helmet (2)
    quaffle (2)
    bludger (3)
    golden snitch
    quidditch chest
    quidditch trophy
    red [Gryffindor] cone (4)
    green [Slytherin] cone (4)

    This set has quite a good range of accessories. Unlike the other new HP sets, it does not feature the accessories that repeat, but features ones which are related to the game of quidditch. Many of the accessories were included in the first incarnation, but many more have been added this time around. These would include beater's bats, quidditch helmets, quidditch trophy, red and green cones and more broomsticks, quaffles and bludgers. The cones are shown to sit next to the catapults as if they were extra projectiles. I recently figured that they could be placed on the 2x4 flat brown brick as a scoring system, as they are coloured for the corresponding teams. The quidditch chest can fit all four match balls, but it is a bit of a fiddle to be able to close the chest. The World Racers trophy is an excellent addition to the set and it is good to see LEGO added this in, even though it does not make an obvious appearance in any of the films. It is unfortunate that scratches still appear in the broomsticks after being clasped in a minifig's hand. I would have thought LEGO would have done something about that by now. The accessory that I do have a problem with is the golden snitch. The first incarnation of this set used a single stud as well, but it was a chrome gold. It seems that eight years of progress took LEGO back a step here.


    The spectator stand is great. It is something that many would say is too small, but I think it is a good size, especially when compared to the other 2010 HP sets. Although the blue does indicate Ravenclaw, I am not sure if Ravenclaw was the reasoning for it being blue, as colours green, red and yellow are cleverly used elsewhere on the set. The blue and grey bricks give the illusion of cloth being draped over wood. The shape is an improvement from the first incarnation. The hole in the bottom acts as a good entrance arch and area to fly through on a broomstick. Some people would complain that the top can only seat one or possibly two minifigs. This does not bother me, as the tower's size matches the rest of the set. The circular 2x2 flat beige brick works well enough as a seat and the 2x4 flat brown brick has its own purpose, which I already mentioned. The flag on top and green base add to set's appearance.

    The hoops have their positives and negatives. One of the good things about them is that they vary, having three different heights. Another is that their size matches the rest of the set, which for some people may even be a negative. Lastly, the gold hoops look quite good and appearance-wise, they progress over the previous incarnation of the set. The first of two negatives is the vertical structure. I don't know why LEGO used 1x1 round bricks instead of a rod, as the structure would have been stronger and possibly look more realistic. The only reason I can think of for using those pieces is colour variation. The poles for the hoops also seem rather thick. The other negative is basically the piece used for the hoop. Somehow it feels like the piece has been bent further than it is supposed to, like one of the ends is going to pop out the hole it was pushed into. The process of connecting the hoop to the brick was not very easy and was difficult and tedious to adjust. However, the cone-shaped piece at the bottom of the pole and the green base add to set's appearance.

    The catapults seem like more of a play feature rather than a book or film reference. They are not a necessity and can always be excluded. Although they may be the main source of enjoyment in this set for some people, they aren't for me. The only thing I will say is they do look good but cannot really be controlled to adjust height and accuracy. They are a good addition, but do seem to be an extra and are not designed particularly for this set. A positive is that you get two, one for each team.

    The trophy stand is the only component that was not in the first incarnation of this set. it is a valued addition to the set, but there isn't really much to say about it. It has enough room to stand a minifig if the trophy is removed. The flags and green baseplate add to its appearance.

    Which Movie?

    As the sets cover multiple films, this set could be from any HP film that has a Hogwarts quidditch match. I know that Oliver Wood and Marcus Flint only appear in the first and second films and that Rolanda Hooch only appears in the first. Draco only directly appears in a quidditch match in the second film and I have never seen the quidditch trophy in any of the movies. The box art shows weather conditions that are similar to the weather conditions during the quidditch scenes in the first and second films. With the above references, I would think that this set is mostly based on the first, or more likely second HP film.


    Like all the new 2010 HP sets, this set shows a greater depth of detail in the construction of the set and the minifigs compared to older HP sets. The building experience is very simple, except for the construction of the hoops. Fortunately, there are no stickers. The range of pieces is excellent. If all the new 2010 HP sets had the same accessories as this set, the sets would get boring, but most of the accessories seem fairly unique. As for the other parts, there is a good range of colours for a small set. For its size, this set probably has the best playability among the 2010 HP sets. When the playability and range of pieces is considered, I think this set has a decent value for the cost. The best things about this set for me are the range of colours, excess of quidditch equipment, the absence of stickers, amount of minifigs and the fact all five have capes. The two main negatives for me are the hoops and that having only three can't really create a "match" situation.

    I would suggest this set to anyone with 4842 Hogwarts Castle, as it will go well on the castle grounds. I think the the arch in 4736 Freeing Dobby would serve as a good entrance to the quidditch pitch. Obviously, anyone who wishes to make a full size quidditch match or collect all six 2010 HP sets will get this set. If you have little money and may only get one set, I would suggest spending a little more buying this set, rather than buying 4736 Freeing Dobby for playability reasons.

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  • Quidditch Match

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    Such a great set, and so cheap for 5 minifigs ;D

    Written by (Unspecified) in Australia,

    This set was great, it was nice to see a revamp of the original quiditch practice and it really is fantastic.
    What suprised me was of how cheap the set was for 5 minifigs, the new star wars sets (especially cad banes speeder) have been pushed up so far in price :\
    Another thing that surprised me was Madame Hooches' eyes. Theyre creepy, however once i looked it up I found she actually does have "golden eyes"
    However, neverless the set is beautiful, the figures are beautiful and i really think that kids alongside HP fans will love this set.
    Happy Building ;)

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