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    "This is the best house I've ever been in" - Harry Potter

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I own many Lego sets, but Harry Potter: The Burrow is one of the best, second only to Hogwarts Castle. This is the only 2010 HP set that is not a remake of a previous set, and I'm quite glad they finally did make it. It contains six minifigures, 4 of which are brand new (however, now one of them has been added to another set), a functioning floo-powder fireplace, a small swamp, and the Burrow. I'll start with the minifigures.


    Harry Potter: The hero and titular character of the franchise. In 2010 and 2011 he has come in two different variations. One is the casual-clothing Harry and the Hogwarts-uniform Harry. In this set we get casual Harry. He has thick messy hair and a flesh-colored, double-sided face. On both sides he has his round glasses and a red lightning scar on his forehead. On one side he has a smile, one side he has a frown. His torso (which is the one thing that changes Hogwarts Harry to Casual Harry) is a blue jacket over a light-blue t-shirt. His jacket has two pockets on either side and a silver zipper lining the inside edge of the jacket. Underneath is a normal t-shirt. On the back is some jacket lines for a design. He comes with black legs and a standard brown wand.

    Ginerva "Ginny" Weasley: Ginny is the younger sister of Ron. Though there was a Ginny in the Hogwarts Express set, she had Gryffindor robes on. Her clothing was added to Hermione Granger (not featured in this set) in Diagon Alley. She has orange hair, long enough that is stretched down her back a little. She has a double-sided face. On one side is a happy/neural expression. She has orange eyebrows and faint freckles. her mouth (with some lipstick) seems to be a straight line, though one side is raised a little, like she's almost smiling or it's a half-smile. It's hard to tell.One side has an obvious frown. Her new torso is also a jacket. It's gray and sipped up with red zig-zags for detail A white t-shirt is visible under the jacket. On the back is more zig-zags. The legs she gets is new. It is mainly scarlet with some pockets with zippers. She gets a beige wand like Albus Dumbledore's in Hogwarts.

    Arthur Weasley: The father of Ron, Ginny, and the other Weasley kids. He has never been made in Lego form before, so it's good to have him. He's not balding like in the books, but he comes with short messy hair colored orange. This hairpiece is the only that can be found in other themes. It would've been interesting to see a balding hairpiece. His face is not double-sided. Instead you get Mr. Weasley grinning with some wrinkles from age and smiling. he has thick eyebrows. His torso is also new. It is an interesting shade of green, sort of light green and dark green together. It's sort of a jacket you'd see in a tuxedo. It reminds me of that jacket Sherlock Holmes wears. There are buttons and straps and such. Under is a plaid shirt. On the back is just some lines you'd expect on a jacket. A straps, a few lines of stress, possibly indicating second-hand jacket considering how poor the Weasleys are. Arthur comes with light gray legs and a light gray wand to match his pants.

    Molly Weasley: Mother of the Weasley kids and wife to Arthur. I love the detail you get with Mrs. Weasley. I believe everything is new with her.She has orange hair that's like Ginny's but shorter and kind of rests on her shoulders. She does not have a double-sided face. She has a smile on her face with some wrinkles from smiling and age. I do have some problems with her face though. Readers of the book will note that despite her often kind personality, when she's angry, she's furious and she had a short temper. She was often seen shouting at her naughty children. I think an angry face would've been appropriate if Lego had another side to her face. Her legs and torso is almost connected. Let me explain. It's the printing. She has a normal torso and legs, but the printing continues throughout all of it. She has n apron with a brown lining and sort of tan center with red spots. On her torso there is a pocket containing sewing needles. A couple flowers hang from her apron. The printing makes it look like she has a red scarf around her neck. There are more flowers on her legs. She has a beige sweater under the apron. She has legs the same color as the apron and on the back of her torso is just the string to tie the apron to her. Molly does not come with a wand.

    Fenrir Grayback: A werewolf and servant to the evil Lord Voldemort. He was a new minifigure until he was added into Diagon Alley. I really like this minifigure. He's got really sleek brown hair that looks almost fancy. He has a double-sided face. Both sides feature his face covered in brown hair and these wide pale blue-white eyes. One side features his triumph face, teeth bared in a grin. The other features a more serious look with his mouth closed tightly. His torso is pretty cool. He's got a cool black trench-coat (I believe) with a gray shirt underneath that has a way too long neck-hole. You can see some of his hairy chest. He's got a small brown belt. On the back of his torso is nothing, just pure black. He has black legs and a black wand.

    Bellatrix Lestrange: Another evil servant of Lord Voldemort, a Death Eater. This is my favorite minifigure, and I don't know how to describe her. It's her hair really, and it's hard to describe with words, so I'd recommend scrolling up to look at the picture of Bellatrix instead. her hair is black and so...big. It is very messy and crazed with disheveled hair everywhere. Part of it covers her face and part of it stretches down her back in a pony-tail. Her face is double-sided. She has sunken eyes (very evil) and red lipstick on both sides of her face. One side shows her laughing evilly. Another has her teeth chattering in fright for some reason. She has a very detailed dress on. It's black and has many silver designs. She is wearing a silver necklace. Instead of legs she has a black dress piece with more silver designs and brown knife-holder hanging from her waist. She comes with a black wand.

    Floo-Powder Fireplace

    This is a tall gray fireplace that works like floo-powder. In case you don't know what floo powder is, let me explain. In Harry Potter, you throw this powder into a fireplace. The flames will turn green and you step into the fire and speak the name of your desired location. You will appear in a fireplace at your location. This fireplace is tall and gray. On the top is a couple portraits of two wizards. One is a painter and one is an author/philosopher. Errol, a gray owl with some owl printing on him, rests on the mantle. Inside the fireplace is a wall with studs and a little red fire going on. On the outside under the fire is a wooden board just for effect. On the side of the fireplace is a little knob that is actually supposed to be a smokestack or a pipe or something similar. You are supposed to put a Minifigure in the fire place and quickly turn the knob backwards, which also turns the actually fireplace backward. You then see green flames (stickers) jumping in the air. It works well and is a great play feature.


    This is just a little swamp bit that's sort of like a home-base for the bad guys. It has a dark tan octagonal base. Two weed/plant pieces colored dark gran stand guard on either side. In the back is a catapult next to a little rock. Light blue smooth pieces, giving off a water impression are scattered around. Four flames are lit and stand around, waiting to be tossed. A little green frog waits, frightened by the action. There is also a separate little catapult with four neon red cylinders waiting to be thrown. That's a little useless, but the whole swamp is decent.

    The Burrow

    The house itself is really awesome. It's three stories tall and has this rugged look to it. The walls are made of red, tan, orange tan, and brown and dark brown double cylinder pieces. There are lots of windows. I'll go floor to floor

    First Floor


    The outside of the first floor is awesome. On one side is a window with light blue shutters. Up front is another window besides an old fashioned brown door with a golden little window. A little roof hangs over it. On the other side is another window, but white this time, with two flower pots with flowers in them. On the far right is a little pigsty with two boards to keep the pig in. The pig inside is a standard pink pig with a stud on top. Another little door on the other side of his stable leads to the interior of the first floor.

    The roof of the first floor is kind of like the foundation of the rest of the building. It's a lot of new scarlet roof pieces all leading gradually up until it connects with wall. Up front is a little small roof. There is also a window which is part of the second floor room.


    The inside is awesome. It's a full kitchen with lots of home features. It's a large room that takes up all of the first floor. You enter through the door and on your left is a cupboard with a croissant inside (this is probably an oven because there is one of those oven tops on the cupboard). A sink is in the corner by the two windows, which is next to a couple drawers. On he drawer is four white dishes. In one drawer there are a couple kitchen knives (you can give these to Bellatrix for play) and in another is what could be two forks. On your right is a grandfather clock. The bottom half has that swinging...thing. The top has the actual clock, telling the time. Next to that by the window is a small desk with a little lamp. Hanging from one wall is a black broom. Hanging from another is two gray pans. There is a table in the center with two red mugs, two goblets, a copy of the Daily Prophet, and a yellow plate with two red cherries on it. Two benches are on either side. Flanking one side of the table is two swiveling brown chairs. On the other is a little green stool besides a barrel, which is where I put wands. Hanging from the ceiling is a little chandelier.

    Second Floor

    The second and third floors also and made up of only one room and are bedrooms.


    The viewer's left side of the house is a wall made up of those brown double round pieces seen in Pirates sets. So is the rest of the floor. It has a few dark pieces instead of light brown. The left side has a window with white shutters. There is also a little board that is supposed to hang down from one stud and look like it's broken or falling off to give the Burrow a shabby look. In the front is another window with white shutters and a longer tan board hanging. On the right side is yet another awesome hanging board but a window with blue shutters. Over it is a little roof/awning thing that kind of reminds me of stairs. It's covered in light blue tiles.


    Inside it is very crowded. On the right is a bunk bed. The beds have white pillows and blue and orange sheets. There is a brown trunk on the right with another owl, Hedwig, resting on top. Even though Harry sleeps on the top floor, it makes me wonder if this is Harry's room. However, Harry does sleep in Ron's room, which is the top floor. Anyways, inside the trunk is a couple tiles with black printed socks on them which is always cool. There are also some gold studs in it.

    Third Floor and Roof

    The final room and top floor is pretty small but has a great view.


    There's more roof here, so the room is built on the roof. It's like the roof and room is one. A window with blue shutters stick out of the red roof. There are identical windows on either side of the room. A little chimney/pipe sticks out from one of the side. On top there's more roof that comes to an end with two more little chimneys sticking up.


    I do like some of the detail in this room, but I don't think I like it a lot. Lego did do good and made the exterior of the entire Burrow look great, but the last two rooms are too crowded and too empty. On top, spanning the entire width of the room is another bed. Next to it is a little niche in the wall. It kind of juts out and ends with the window, like a little storage room. There is a copy of the Quibbler and a lamp here in this storage part and on a wall is a Chudley Cannons Quidditch Poster.


    I really do like this set a lot, even though the last two rooms could be better. I love the minifigures and the fireplace and the kitchen. However, like another reviewer said, the feel of the set it wrong. The Burrow is a warm, happy place where Harry was happy, and the first time we see it in Lego there is only three Weasleys when we could've had Fred, George, Percy, Charlie, or Bill. I think Ron should've been here too since it's his house. Instead we get two Death Eaters. While they're great, I think Lego should make a Malfoy Manor set and add them instead. However, it's still a good set and I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes Legos. Thanks for reading.

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  • The Burrow

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    Written by (Unspecified) in Canada,


    This set is extremely cool. The style lego designed this set is very interesting and unique.
    I like the kitchen for the unique way it was built and its detail. The Family room
    is also built in a uniquely built and the house is all well furnished and catches the
    scenes in the movie. The minifigures are perfect and they look just like the characters from the acting.The upstaris area is well designed and organized.
    This is the best set from movie 6!


    There are very few cons but i must point them out. Beatrix Lestranges negative expression looks frightenend and scared=nothing like Beatrix personality and the fact it costs
    so much money is quite unreasonable. Other than that most of this set is very well designed.

    If you want to reconstruct Harry Potter movies in Lego you better buy this set or it will never be completed

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  • The Burrow

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    My Dream House!

    Written by (Unspecified) in United States,

    I love the Weasleys, and I love their house even more.

    I was so thrilled to see "The Burrow" set on the shelf at the store, I couldn't wait till payday! The detail in this set is just fantastic! Unarguably this is my most favorite Lego creation ever!

    This is a challenging and involved build, but is made mush easier by the very clear building instructions.

    The instructions include a parts list for each step. There are changing angles of the illustrations, and packaging of the parts in numbered bags so you don't have to fish through parts you won't need till later on. As others have mentioned in previous reviews, I also had difficulties getting the bottom plates to stay together till all was finished. Due to the fine detail involved it is a time consuming build, but well worth the effort!

    The detail on this model is just absolutely Amazing!

    Where to begin on this . . . Posters on the bedroom walls, oven that opens with a croissant inside, a sink with a faucet, drawers that open and have items inside, pots hanging on the wall, dishes, a bowl with cherries, goblets, cups, chandelier, clock, a readable Daily Prophet, The Quibbler, detailed outfits on the mini-fig's, a fireplace that works (yes I had no problem at all with mine as others have. perhaps since I bought mine later it had been fixed?) The outside details are just as wonderful with mismatched windows, different colored bricks, and the "extra" support planks with wood grain stickers! Just amazing!

    Unlimited play possibilities!

    With all of the detail included, it is easy to reenact all of your favorite scenes from the books and movies, as well as create some of your own. You can relive Harry's first experience with Floo Powder, (especially if you have the new Diagon Alley set (which I don't yet), or any movie scene in or around the Burrow. You can create scenes of your own with Harry and Ginny, You can even set Molly against Bellatrix in the final battle!

    Is there a down side?

    Well yes, there are a few complaints I have to mention. I was quite upset not to have Ron there, I mean, really! That's his home! I was also upset that the face of the clock was just a clock, not the "Weasley clock" with its photos of family members showing where they are. I would also like to have seen Fred and George mini-figs, but I hope to get them with the Diagon Alley set when I'm able. **Hint Hint Gift Alert! family and friends!**

    Should you buy it?

    YES! I would not trade this set for anything, but I hope to add a few Weasley family members and try my hand at a new clock face. This model is going to be my centerpiece at my next HP party!

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  • The Burrow

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    "It's not much, but it's home"

    Written by (Unspecified , silver-rated reviewer) in Australia,


    This is one of six new 2010 HP sets, a line which many people thought had finished. Personally, I think that they new sets have a much greater extent of detail and attention to the books and films. All of the minifigs have been completely redesigned. Obviously, LEGO have based these sets on multiple books/fims in the series, as well as earlier LEGO set locations and events. This is the only 2010 HP set that is not based on a location or event that has already appeared in a LEGO set before. I received this set as a birthday present at the time these sets were first officially released.


    Harry Potter is now infamously known by many to appear in all of the 2010 HP sets. He has a double-sided head. One side is a smile and the other is a frown. A common complaint about this minifig is his hairpiece. The hairpiece doesn't bother me, but does appear very large on his head. The minifigs torso and legs are reasonably well detailed and go well together. I think that the torso goes better with black legs than it does with grey legs.

    Ginny Weasley is a minifig that was only seen in LEGO form once before 2010. She has a new hairpiece, which I think is very realistic. She has a double sided-head with one side a smile and the other side a frown. The detail on her torso and legs is fine detail. It is unfortunate that LEGO reused the torso later for a different character.

    Molly Weasley has never been seen before in LEGO form. Her LEGO debut is made impressive by the very fine detail on her torso and legs. The printings on her apron are extremely detailed. The face has good detail and reasonably good accuracy. The use of the original Hermione hairpiece was a clever decision.

    Arthur Weasley also has good detail and accuracy. His legs do not have any unique printing, but his torso is a combination of interesting colours and detail. Similarly to Molly Weasley, his face is well detailed and reasonably accurate. I especially think his green jacket adds to the minifigs appearance. He has only ever appeared in LEGO form in this set.

    Bellatrix Lestrange similarly to Ginny, this minifig captures a splitting image of the character from the movies. She is one of a handful of important HP characters that had not been made into a minifig before 2010. The printings of her black dress are detailed beyond the detail that LEGO are obliged to provide. LEGO spared no expense with her hairpiece either. She has a double-sided head with one side an evil smile and the other side a scared expression. She has only appeared in LEGO form in this set.

    Fenrir Greyback is probably the least important character in the set, but a good addition none the less. He offered a lot more excitement than the Harry minifig did. Like Bellatrix, this minifig shows a contrast in colours to the Arthur and Molly, which makes for a good variety of minifigs in the set. He has a very detailed, double-sided head with one side an evil grin and the other side a frown. It is arguable whether the haipiece makes the minifig's head look more or less accurate. His torso printings, like his face are very well detailed. This is his first LEGO appearance.


    white owl [Hedwig]

    grey owl [Errol]



    The range of creatures is quite good. All of the creatures are very interesting and to a certain extent, rare. The new owls are more blocky than the old ones, which to some people will be a positive and to others a negative. Their detail is unbelivable and it's great that all three of the new designs have a unique pattern. The back of the box art implies that the white owl is Hedwig and that the grey owl is Errol. The pig was an unecessary addition to the set, but one that it highly valued. The complex mould is great and I am very pleased that LEGO included this relatively new piece. I feel sorry for the frog because he quite often gets forgotten. Like the pig, he is unecessary, however highly valued.


    gold goblet (2)

    red mug (2)


    black wand (2)

    brown wand

    grey wand

    beige wand

    black broomstick



    Daily Prophet

    yellow plate

    pan (2)

    red cherries (2)



    golden snitch [coin] (2)

    sock (2)

    fire cone (4)

    red cylinder (4)

    knife (2)

    fork (2)

    stack of plates

    flower pot (2)

    flowers [2 white, 1 red]

    flowers [2 red, 1 white]

    Although I would not consider all of the above list accessories, there will be people out there who will, so I tried to name as many possible accessories as I could. I will not explain all of them in great detail, because there are a lot. Many of the accessories are part of every day life, especially when it comes to food and drink. The goblets, mugs, plate, cherries, croissant, knives, forks, pans and stack of plates provide a wealth of accessories of an amount far greater than usually seen in a LEGO set. Many of the pieces a few years ago, or even now may be considered rare. Then there are the common HP accessories which include the wands, broomstick and chest. Other accessories, such as lamps, fire cones and flower pots are included to add effective detail to the set. Opinions will differ about whether the socks are considered acceptable as tile bricks. The two golden snitches may be intented to be coins, and if so, this seems a bit weak, but is not something to complain about, as the set has a broad range of accessories. The red cylinders seem to be added so there is more catapult ammo. I don't quite understand why LEGO bothered to include them.


    The house is something I would consider an individual component. However, because of its size, I will divide the explaination into four parts.

    -The ground floor is extremely detailed and it's good to see that LEGO remember that there is more to a building than its exterior. The extended base is the only thing I don't like, as it comes apart from the rest of the building easily. Other than this, the structure of odd windows and pieces all manages to work together. The furniture, such as the clock, sink and kitchen cupboards are given in detail far beyond what I would have expected. These things probably only exist in a few other sets. What makes it better is that kitchen cupboards can open and their wacky colours don't appear unrealistic. The use of stickers to create detail is effective, but in some senses, not worth the excruciating concentration that is required to place a sticker accurately. The positionable chairs are a good addition and so is the gate to the pig pen, but I will explain more about that later.

    -The bedrooms are a good size and have differences from one another. The beds are a good choice of colour and it is good that they are postioned in different directions. The bunk bed is a good design which can fit two minifigs at once. The poster next to the bunk bed is a nice detail and is an indication of LEGO's attention to the books as well as films. Two 2x2 single stud tiles make up a space to place the chest. The top bedroom is infact in the roof. It is smaller, but has space inside the window, where a green poster is on the wall. I like LEGO's creative use of the single gold stud throughout the interior of the set.

    -The exterior is very clever with its detail and how different pieces manage to fit together to create an asymmetrical structure. The shape is very similar to what is seen in the films. The uses of different shaped bricks is clever and works well. I particularly like the roof tiles. The hanging wood planks and the chimneys add good detail. The windows are very clever how different types are used and all are postioned in a different way. The use of the blue colour does not look out of place.

    -The pig pen is a great addition to the side of the house. The two gates open nicely to allow access outside the pen or inside the house. The pen and its green base give a good sense of the outside of the house and that the set includes more environment than just the house.

    The fireplace is a good size and adds to the interior of the house. The play feature works reasonably well if the lever is spun at the right speed. If you don't think that it works very well, than you are probably spinning it too fast. A fez hat is used for the lever, which when place upside down may mean to represent the pot of floo powder seen in the movie. The paintings on top and the green flames are nice details, but are infact stickers. Window panels are used to create the base of the fireplace. Because of this, a minifig cannot stand upright in the fireplace unless the minifig is leaning over.

    The marshland is something in the set that I value a lot and are pleased that it was included. It gives a sense of there being more to the set than just the house. You also get some of the environment around it. The marshland's detail shows rocks, water and bushes and looks very accurate to what is seen in the movie. A catapult is also mounted on the marshland's base.

    The other catapult is individual and is a good addition to the set. The catapult would not be reason why anyone would buy the set, because the catapult does work, but can only minimally be controlled to adjust height and accuracy. It seems like its there to reenact the scene in the movie, rather than for someone to have a catapult contest with a friend.

    Which Movie?

    The Burrow does not appear in the first, third or fifth films and only appears briefly in the fourth. Many believe that this set is based on the six film. I would say that it is mostly based on the sixth, but has references to the second film as well. These include the pig pen, dining table and floo powder fireplace. The marshland is an obvious reference to the sixth film. The range of minifigs is very ideal to the scenes at the Burrow in the sixth film. However Harry, Ginny, Molly and Arthur appear in just about all of the scenes at the Burrow throughout the HP series.


    The house is one of the most detailed LEGO buildings I have seen that is not a LEGO.com exclusive. The building experience is reasonably complex when building the house. It is actually quite difficult to keep all of the segments together until you have built up to the second storey. The range of parts is excellent, especially when it comes to accessories, furniture and the different bricks used to create the structure of the house. The playability will differ between different people. If you enjoy your LEGO characters exploring in and out the house with a blend of recreating scenes and observating a detailed model, then you will get good enjoyment out of this set. If you have a short imagination and require a lot of play features, well then I can't promise anything when it comes to playability. The value for money is great when you consider that there is a broad range of pieces and colours that you won't find in every LEGO set. The best thing about this set for me is the amazing attention to detail, which is equally shared on both the interior and exterior. There aren't many negatives for me other than the extended base often falls away from the rest of the structure and the stickers, which some are very tedious to apply. A negative for many people will be the absence of Ron. Although the 2010 HP sets where designed for the buyer to collect more to increase their range of characters, that excuse won't cut it for Ron not being included in his own house.

    This is probably the best of the 2010 HP as a stand alone. Other than Ron, there isn't much you can add to the environment. It is a very good set if you only want to get one HP set, as it has a good range of accessories and creatures and is the only Burrow that LEGO have made. It also works well as just an ordinary LEGO house. Obviously, you will get this set if you intent to get all of the 2010 HP sets, but if you just want a reasonably big HP set with a good range of characters, creatures and accessories, with reasonably good playability, then this is a good set for you. If you wish to get Ron, 4738 Hagrid's Hut includes him, as well as Hermione, however both are wearing school uniform. In 10217 Diagon Alley and 4841 Hogwarts Express, Ron is included wearing casual clothes. 10217 Diagon Alley also includes a casual Hermione and a Fred and George. If this is you first HP set, I doubt you will be disappointed.

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  • The Burrow

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    Its Colorful!

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    Set 4840 is one of the best of the 6 new Harry Potter sets! Its a complex build, but not to confusing for new builders and younger fans. There are some new figures who have exclusive parts such as Bellatrix Lestrange and Fenrir Greyback. The set also has lots of excelent colors. It includes Brick red, Caramel, Light blue and Orange. There are also many details such as a pig, two owls, a bowl of cherries, a crisaunt, a clock, newspaper and lots more.

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