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    The Great Train "Hogwarts Express"

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    I like this set very much. I bought it in K mart for $5.There is a big red train called the "Hogwarts Express". The locomotive is very detailed with printed front part,tube through which the smoke comes out,and driver's cabin.Inside the driver's cabin are detailed controls.

    There is a compartment that opens and you can see the engine with the coal inside.The locomotive is 24 studs long.

    After locomotive is the baggage wagon. It is 10 studs long. The top of it opens and you can put suitcases and various stuff inside.

    After it is the main wagon where the people are. This wagon is 24 studs long;it provides sitting space for 4 people at small tables, and standing space for two more at the sides.I like the transparent windows of this wagon. The roof can be opened but it holds together tightly enough to resist the force of gravity when turned upside down. All these wagons are linked together with magnetic pieces.There are some stickers but they did not cause any problem for me.If one treats his stickers well (by carefully placing them in their proper positions) , they will treat you well also.

    There is also a light blue car that is from the 1960's.It has opening doors,detailed interior with steering wheel and control stick,and opening baggage at rear side and you could put stuff in it.

    The set also includes a popcorn cart; treasure chest with 2 rare transparent magic wands and 2 rubies,2 diamonds; 5 LEGO people (Harry Potter and his friends) ; and there are bonus animals which are: 3 owls (I like the prints on them), black spider,and a gray rat.The set also includes a cloth that makes people "invisible" and a lot of spare sticks. The popcorn cart, treasure chest, and 4 people can fit in the big wagon.One LEGO person can be the driver of the locomotive.

    This is a very great and detailed model with rare pieces. It is available at K mart or Toys R us.

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  • Hogwarts Express

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    Train Adentures in the Wizarding World

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I got this set from my dad for Christmas a few years ago as a replacement for the first Hogwarts Express, and think that this is among the best sets in the series.


    • -The train looks very similar to the one in the movies.
    • -The playability in this set is very awe-striking.


    • -The stickers here are limited, but are, as always, such a hassle.
    • -The train is not on scale.

    This is a truly excellent set, and is a great remake of the original set. I extremely recommend this set to all Harry Potter fans of the world.

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  • Hogwarts Express

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    All aboard the Hogwarts Express!

    Written by (TFOL) in United Kingdom,

    I got this set in Xmas '10, not expecting any LHP sets. But when I opened it, I could not believe my eyes. I had a Hogwarts Express! :D It has many good points, and very few bad points, which I will explain now.

    Box/Instructions - 9/10

    I really like the design of the new boxes, and the 2 instruction booklets were easy to follow, giving you clear and simple steps.

    Parts - 9/10

    Being the Hogwarts express, it has filled up my red brick collection a fair amount, and the invisibility cloak is a nice touch, but it's a bit awkward when it's placed on a minifigure. I now have a frog, a lot of owls and about 10 spiders now, because I have some of the other 2010 ones aswell :P

    Minifigures - 8.8/10

    Harry Potter - 7/10

    Well, it wasn't a big shock to get him. It obviously needed him in the set, but I've got a lot of him now.

    Ron Weasley - 10/10

    I love the new Ron figure! His hair is just so awesome, I cannot get over it! His face is awesome aswell, with the scared face on the back, because when Harry, Hermione and Ginny are angry, he's scared! :D

    Ginny Weasley - 9/10

    The last Ginny minifigure was in 2002 in the Chamber of Secrets set, and to be honest, it didn't look anything like her. But the new one is just too awesome to put into words. It's always nice to have another Gryffindor uniform, and her hair is fantastic, it really looks like her!

    Draco Malfoy - 8/10

    The new Draco is pretty cool, I'm loving the new hairpiece, but I can't help thinking his smirking face doesn't really look like him, so I put the 5378 head on him instead, and it looks OK now. But if I want him to look slightly worried, I use the worried face on the back on the new head.

    Luna Lovegood - 10/10

    Three words: Oh My God. This is a crazily awesome minifigure. The hair is great, the face really looks like her, with her Specterspecs on the back, and I love the torso, and the skirt print on the legs

    The build - 9/10

    It was a very fun build, and there wasn't any repetitive bits on it, seeing as there was only 1 carriage. I can't remember how long it took me to build, but I can estimate between 30 minutes to an hour.

    The completed model - 8/10

    The locomotive is a stunning one, with intricate details on the driver's bit. The tender is cool, with a space to store the students' belongings. But as we come to the carriage, which is OK, I find myself slightly disappointed. The exterior of it is alright, but the interior looks hardly anything like it. There is no corridor leading to each compartment, just 4 seats with a goblet and some white thing in the middle. In order for the corridor to fit in, it would have to be more than 6 studs wide, but I can't really imagine a wide train like that. Anyway, I'm not so angry with it, LEGO Harry Potter's LEGO Harry Potter at the end of the day :)

    Overall - 43.8/50 = 8.76/10


    Overall, it is an awesome set, with cool minifigures, locomotive, tender and carriage. I know I had a little rant over the carriage, but I can tolerate it :D

    I hope my review came in handy if you was contemplating buying it :D


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  • Hogwarts Express

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    The red Harry Potter train

    Written by (KFOL) in Sweden,

    I got this set on my eleventh birthday, and i was really happy when i got it.


    The box is very wide and pretty big. It shows all the minifigures and their names like the other LEGO Harry Potter sets. It is two instruction books, one for the minifigures, accessories,

    Mr. Weasleys blue car and locomotive. The other instruction book is for the other two wagons.


    The parts are good. You get an invisibility cloak like in Hogwarts castle (4842).


    Harry Potter
    Harry Potter has his black hair, his face whit the glasses and the scar. Harry has two faces, one happy and one angry. Harry also has an front and back printed dark blue shirt, gray legs and a brown wand. It is almost the same Harry as in the burrow but the gray legs. I give this minifigure a 4/5.

    Ron Weasley
    Ron Weasley has an hair that is the same as the skate boarder from the collect able minifigures
    but dark orange. His face has freckels and like Harry, Ron has two faces. One Happy and one scared. His torso is red and it is might be A christmas present from Mrs. Weasley. He also has black legs and a brown wand. I give this minifigure a 5/5.

    Ginny Weasley
    Ginny Weasley has an dark orange hair piece that is exclusive to her. Her face has freckles like Ron and is turn able. She has one happy face and one angry face. Ginny has an Gryffindor torso, black legs and a brown wand. I think this minifigure is very movie identical, so i´ll give it an 5/5!

    Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy has an blonde hair piece, a turn able face, one happy and one scared, a Slytherin torso, black legs and a black wand. I give this minifigure a 5/5

    Luna Lovegood
    This is the only set to date that have an Luna figure in it. Luna has a turn able face, one whit out her wierd glasses, and one whit her wierd glasses. She has blond hair piece, a pink torso, printed dark blue legs and a brown wand. I give this minifigure a 5/5.

    The build,

    The build was funny and interesting so i give it an 5/5.

    The completed model

    The completed model has an very high playabillity and really goes well whit other Harry Potter sets.

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  • Hogwarts Express

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    "Anyone sitting there? Everywhere else is full," - Ron Weasley

    Written by (TFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    Thankfully, no one was sitting next to Harry on that first train ride, or Ron might have never been friends with Harry. Okay, let's begin my review of the Hogwarts Express. If you don't like long reviews, skip to the last section that says 'Hogwarts Express Quick Review'

    Story Time

    I didn't really mean to ever own this. My brother was saving up for Diagon Alley and had a hundred bucks, but when we saw it at Wal-Mart, he decided to get this set and neither of us regret this. It is the largest set either of us owns with about 650 pieces and every Minifigure is new in some way (but Ron and Harry here are in Diagon Alley.

    Okay, now that that's settled, let's begin the second review for the Hogwarts Express.


    You get five awesome Minifigures, and all are new in some way, besides Ron and Harry because of Diagon Alley. Let's begin.

    Harry Potter - He's a great Minifigure, but if you have other 2010/2011 HP sets, he's not amazing. He's got black hair that's all messy, of course. It's a little shorter than the original hair piece in old sets to represent Daniel Radcliffe's haircut. He's got his glasses and red scar on both sides of his face. On one side he's smiling, the other he's frowning. Malfoy probably entered their compartment.

    Harry's jacket is very cool. It has a silver zipper and it's dark blue. It has two pockets, one on either side. They are light blue. On the back it is mainly dark blue, besides two light blue stripes, one big, one small. Harry has normal light gray pants. Harry comes with a normal brown wand. Harry also gets his invisibility cloak. It basically this big bit of white cloth tinted pink and green. When you put it on Harry, it covers him up until his feet, which makes sense from the last few books. But Harry alone should be able to walk around completely invisible. It also sticks out to the side awkwardly. It makes it even worse if you give Harry a wand, so I'm not crazy about his invisibility cloak. It should've been longer and made of sturdier material like some new cloaks.

    Ron Weasley - This is my second Ron and only in casual clothing (I could say the same for Harry, but I have three). He's a nice Minifigure. He has lots of orange hair, made to look like a surfer's or skater's. Nice and long design, and it fits Ron. Ron is also double-sided. You can see his orange eyebrows and freckles on both sides. He's smiling on one side, and is scared on the other. His teeth are showing when he's scared.

    Ron has a nice sweater on. It's a bright red with nice square designs. He has a red collar and a gray T-shirt underneath. Flip it over you get the same square design as the front. Ron's arms are brown, unlike the rest of his torso. Something about this torso makes me think that Ron is going to stay at 5766 Log Cabin. Ron has normal black pants. He also, like Harry, gets a brown wand. It would be cool of Lego included his dress robes from the fourth book.

    Draco Malfoy - Okay, so the next three Minifigures I do not own, while I have a Ron and harry from other sets, these are my first Minifigures of these guys from these sets. Okay, so I have Malfoy. He has blond (or bright yellow) hair that is designed to look sleek and slick. The haircut is new entirely, I believe, to any set ever besides Quidditch Match. I just love the new design, it's than that old boring hair. Malfoy has two faces, but I'm not sure about one. He has got dark eyebrows for some strange reason, because I thought Malfoy was blond. He's smirking on one side and he's scared on the other side, with a curly mouth and raised eyebrows. I don't think this face is great. It was good in Quidditch Match but here he should have a different expression, maybe even angrier or more relaxed.

    Malfoy has an exclusive torso. This is the only Slytherin Outfit, so if you want a bunch of Slytherins, you'll need lots of torsos like this. It's gray and has the Slytherin shield near his heart. It's green with a silver snake. He has a blue shirt underneath and a green and silver tie (I'm glad Lego is using the Slytherin colors). On the back he's just got some wrinkles and a green/silver line. Malfoy has black pants and a nice black wand.

    Ginny Weasley - She is a very nice Minifigure. I'll start with the new orange hair piece. It's long so it goes from either side of her face down to her shoulders. It flows freely in the back. However, there's some a little Un-Ginny about her, like she looks a little like a girl when I think she was a tomboy. I mean, yeah she's supposed to look like a girl but the hair is too girly. Ginny has a great head. She's not really smiling, just kind of bored on one side with her mouth in a straight line and eyebrows looking normal. You can also see her freckles. In the back her eyebrows are pointed down and her mouth is a frown.

    Ginny has the normal Gryffindor outfit. It is dark gray with a red and gold Gryffindor shield and a black lion. She has a blue shirt and red/gold tie. Her outfit also has a gold and red line witch continues to the back, which also has some wrinkles. Ginny has black pants like the normal Gryffindor and she owns a brown wand.

    Luna Lovegood - Luna is definitely my favorite minifigure. First, her great hair. It is one of those Agents hair pieces, I believe. It has along pony tail in the back and sort of parts in the front. It is bright yellow, brighter than Malfoy's. It is very unique and looks great.Luna is double-sided, of course. She has bright pink lipstick on for both sides. One on side she is wearing her Spectrespecs. They are big gold glasses with these bits sticking out like fingers. The lens is white, and one has a pink spiral design, the other has blue. Luna's mouth is opened in surprise. On Luna's other face she is normal, with a smiling mouth and you can notice her light brown eyebrows. Does Lego hate yellow eyebrows?

    Luna's pink torso is something to stare at. It is a pink jacket with some pickets, a collar, lots of buttons and wrinkles and folds. On the back you see something that holds her coat together. It has more wrinkles and more pink designs. Luna has blue pants. They have some black printing that is covered with yellow, blue, and green stars, so it is very unique and is great for Luna. Lego did a great job designing her. Luna also gets a brown wand.

    Okay, now that the awesome Minifigures are done with, let's get to the many accessories.


    Quibbler - A 4x4 smooth piece with the words 'The Quibbler' in big red letters. It has a headline of 'Harry Potter Speaks Out At Last' and in red lines underneath it says 'Nargles in Mistletoe' which is very cool. it has a picture of Lego Harry. This is very cool. It is mainly light gray.

    Daily Prophet - This paper says 'The Daily Prophet' in big fancy letter and also says 'Exclusive Photos from Mayhem at High Security Prison' and ' Mass Breakout from Azkaban' up front. It has a sketch of Azkaban, a big triangular tower. It is mainly light yellow.

    Trunk - This is just a normal treasure chest that opens up. There is a black spider on top. Inside you get lots of goodies. There is four jewels. Two are red and two are clear. There is also these two fairy wands. It has a handle and ends in a star. One is pink and one is green. They might be Luna's and the jewels might be Malfoy's.

    Rat - You get a normal gray rat with a long tail. It is probably Ron's rat, Scabbers, or Wormtail.

    Hedwig - I am loving these printed owls. Hedwig has amber eyes and lots of feathers on her body. Ever her beak is printed black and her talons are there too. In the back her wings stretch out as well as her tail.

    Errol - He is a nice gray owl with yellow eyes and beak. His body is light blue with brown spots.

    Pigwidgeon - I don't think this is Ron's owl, but I'm just going to pretend. He's brown and has big yellow eyes. His body is kind of green-ish if you look closely.

    Candy Trolley - This is a nice red trolley with a golden handle. There is a small door with a Honeydukes sticker on it, but there's nothing inside. On the other side is a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans sticker. On top is a very cool and possibly rare ice-cream piece. It is white and has four scoops, three on the bottom and one on top. It is one of my favorite parts. There is a frog, too. A Chocolate Frog, colored brown so it looks like candy. Another great part.

    Keys - You get two gray keys, the same from Hagrid's Hut.

    With all those accessories done it's time to move on to the bigger parts of this set. I'll start with the flying Ford Angela.

    Flying Ford Angela

    This car is unique because of its color and design. Maybe it's because I don't own many Lego Cars, but it seems pretty big. It also fits two Minifigures. On the outside is some headlights and the blue hood. Move on and there is a car window six studs across. There is a 6x6 white baseplate as a roof which can be easily removed, revealing two seats for Ron and Harry, a steering wheel, and a blue antenna piece. There are two light blue doors on either side which easily open. In the back there is two red lights. A nice design is this slop piece to make it look older. My favorite part of the car is the trunk. It easily lifts open like a real trunk, revealing a black suitcase. The wheels also have a nice metal design. This car is definitely amazing and worth it. In a few years, you could probably sell it alone on eBay for thirty to forty dollars. I just really like this car.

    Okay, so I believe that I've covered everything except the train itself. Let's begin.

    The Hogwarts Express

    What can I say? It is very life-like. A train fan would have to get this. This is my only train and I didn't expect to get it until after I owned Hogwarts, the Burrow, and Diagon Alley, but my brother decided he wanted it and we love it. We had a great time building it (if me doing 90 percent of the work is 'we' then yes).

    It has three sections. One is the passenger area, one is a storage area, and in front is the driver's area. Sorry, I'm not too sure what they're called. I'm starting with the driver's area.

    Driver's Area

    I love how realistic it is. I'm going to start up front. It is mainly black. There is a circle piece that says 'Hogwarts Express 5972' on it. This piece spins and has an antenna on it. There is some lights and lots of elaborate detail. The wheels move smoothly and look good there. There is some slanted pieces here and there. Then the main part of the train is sort of circular. It has some nice gold Prince of Persia pieces. A stud, a mini-dome and and two 4x4 circular pieces. All this is on top. The gold 4x4 pieces are part of a cool chimney. There is two long sticks on the side for detail. On the bottom is some rec pieces and a sticker that says 'Hogwarts Castle'. Both sides are identical.

    The inside area is also detailed. On the outside of it is two cool red windows and a big black roof that looks like a half oval. Inside is some standing room for a Minifigure. There is some controls against the wall, like those things that look like clocks but measure heat. There is some claws that move up and down. Then there is this box with a handle and coal pieces inside.You put this box in a section that looks like a hole. Because of this, only the handle protrudes. You can move those claw pieces all the way down so they touch the handle, then slowly pull the box out, making the claws go up. I think this is a very cool feature. The whole driver's area is big and realistic, making me change my before unimpressed idea about trains. This is just amazing. This is just fantastic. This is only the beginning of the train.

    Storage Area - The next part of the train is the smallest, and my least favorite. It's great, but it's third on my list, but that doesn't mean I hate it. On the outside it's really only red wall and some black sticks hanging from the outside to make it look cool. There is two stickers for each side. Really, they are two halves of a sticker that says Hogwarts Railways and has the Hogwarts shield in the middle. You have to line them up perfectly, so it's annoying. This is for both sides.

    There is a big door on top that should swing open but for me it doesn't open all the way, so whenever we want to out in or take out stuff, we have to take off this big door. I don't think this is for all of them though. Inside you get more accessories. You get two brown suitcases and three wand-cases. These are basically a 1x3 piece with a 1x3 smooth piece on top of each other, and a sticker of a wand. There is a gray, light gray, and black case. The gray one has a red seal on it and a wand. The black has a gold wand on red velvet. The light gray case has a brown wand on gold velvet. Lots of stuff, all are great. My brother also put the newspapers in there. It's a good place for the accessories, but the trunk won't fit.

    Seating Area - This isn't amazing, but it's was done well. On the outside is a bunch of red walls with ten great windows. Four are on the sides, the other two at the ends. There is a nice black roof too that comes off easily but it is pretty firm in there. I'm not crazy about the inside, but it's done well.

    There are four brown chairs. Each two is in between a tiny table. On table has a golden goblet, one has more ice-cream. The whole inside is 4 studs across to you don't get compartments and there is no room for the trolley. However, on each end there is lots of room, so you can keep the trolley there. This area is as big as the Driver's area, but the inside could be way better. Of course, the train would need to be wider and have lots of room. It's still pretty cool, but I have the least to say about it.

    Hogwarts Express Quick Review

    This is just to quickly explain the set if you don't want to read all of it, sort of like a summary.

    You get five Minifigures: Harry, Ron, Luna, Ginny, and Malfoy. They all are double-sided. They all get wands. You get three owls and a candy trolley, a couple keys, a trunk with some stuff, a rat, and two newspapers.

    There is also a blue car that fits two Minifigures and has a trunk that opens. The train is really cool. Up front is the well-designed driver's area that has this device with coal. Then there is a storage area with stem suitcases and wand cases. It's pretty small. Finally there's a place for people with some chairs and s couple tables. Overall, it's a good set.


    Okay, I hope you didn't only read the quick review. This set is really cool, worth it. Eighty bucks is a little expensive, but it's definitely worth it. It's a great set if you're going to need students for your Hogwarts (I wish Luna was in Hogwarts, with a Ravenclaw outfit). Train fans and Harry Potter fans would love this, and this train really takes it. That's it for my review, and thanks for reading.

    And get this set.

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