• A 5 For a Brickmaster Set...read on

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    This Fire Boat was my 1st set to arrive with my Brickmaster renewal subscription (along with the Police Helicopter). I enjoyed building this set and couldn't believe that it included a minifig and there was another set as well that was mailed along with this set. The parts are very basic but the fire boat does come with a water cannon. The engine for the boat is a small 2x2 sloped wedge part that looks good in the rear of the boat. I was pleasantly surprised with both of the Brickmaster sets that came last month. It seems like LEGO realized they made a mistake last year sending out sets that you can buy in stores (they were advertised as Brickmaster exclusive sets so why could they be bought in stores). If this set were to be bought in a store it would be a 3 but being that it was a Brickmaster set, I scored it a 5. It is definitely better than other sets that I have received from LEGO's Brickmaster program.

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  • Fire Boat

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    This is a nice small set which i got for free in my lego magazine here in Australia.
    The minifig is cool and overall the set looks good.
    As done before the windscreen is pointless as the minifig see's over it. Nice pieces though!

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  • cooooooool!

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    I just got this set yesterday with my LEGO magazine. I built it realy quikly. It was bigger than I thought. When i went in the bath I brought this set to see if it could float, it did, upside down. It was my first ever LEGO CITY set.


    easy to build.



    P.S I got it for free!

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  • Fire Boat

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    This set is not for sale.
    Magic Box is a menu in a fast food restaurant named Quick. This LEGO set can only be obtained by buying a Magic Box in Quick.

    It contains very nice parts and is a great addition to every Lego City of 2007!

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  • Fire Boat

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    Lego City Set 4992 - Fire Boat Build & Review

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    Hi everyone...

    I have purchased and reviewed this product in full, if you would like to see this product in more detail including a product build then please feel free to watch the video that I created to review this product in more detail.

    Click on Youtube Link Below to Watch the Build & Review of this product.


    I hope that you find the video that I have provided to be of help when purchasing this product.

    Thanks Popup

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