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    One of the better LEGO games (if you can find it!)

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    Review from an AFOL and parent.

    This is a great game, easy enough for 6-8 year olds to understand the rules. Games take about 15 minutes (normally between 10 and 20). We preferred the game play to the Battle of Hoth SW game, but both are decent games to play with a little strategy / thinking but not too much. My kids are not into Heroica, and this one being superheores helps get them playing games.

    Building experience is straightforward, nothing complicated. It took my kids about 15 minutes to construct the game board and scenery / parts. It can just about be stored in the box in sections so not too much building is needed for successive games. As noted earlier, gameplay is also fairly easy to understand so that they do not constantly have to go back to the rules to check if they are doing things right. It would be nice if the villains could do different things to each other - one of our personalised extensions of the game is to have another dice with a villain-picker and another one with a type of move the villain can do. These and the associated rules seem to still be evolving each time we play. Like all LEGO games, it is quite easy to customise, so long as you don't make the rules too complicated.

    Parts are mainly regular lego parts that you would have seen before - except for the eight beautifully done microfigs and a few of the tiles for the dice and the Joker hideout. There is also a nice trans blue 5-point rock crystal and the trans yellow bricks (12 of them!). You also get the bat sign that appeared in the #6860 batcave. The batboat and batmobile are done well at this scale and are just about the right size to play with. Any bigger and they wouldn't work so well.

    Price at £20 in UK is about right for the parts, although as it was discontinued quickly you are unlikely to ever find it at this price. Given the exclusivity of the microfigs, even £30 might not have been out of place. Now though it is probably priced at being a collectable rather than a game. Even after about six weeks of having it, the kids still enjoy it - so interest in it has lasted significantly longer than some other Lego games. If you do find one, it is well worth getting for the game, as well as for the microfigures.

    Edit: this review was written before large stocks became available in the UK. It can now regularly be had for £12-15 in many stores. It is a definite buy at that price.

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