• Skyline

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    Large Microscale Set

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in Indonesia,

    This set is the only microscale set that I owned.
    I really dont like micro since it means that I can not put minifigs around the set, and for me the minifigs is the soul of Lego.
    My only reason for buying the set is because the set is really nice for background.
    You can create a city, and in the background you can put this set, and it will serve as a beautiful background.
    But dont expect the set will be great if you display it by itself.
    One of the good thing from the set is they come with lots of plates.
    So, go for this set only if you want a distant background for photoing your Lego. But other than that, I dont recommend you buy the set.

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  • At Least Lego Tried on This Set

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    Lego was trying to go somewhere with this set,but the set fell short. The Statue of Liberty is nice and is the best part of this set along with the skyscrapers. However, the mini vehicles in this set aren't that great. It really should have been in minifig scale to be a better set. This one gets a 3.

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  • Not bad... but far from great.

    Written by (Unspecified) in ,

    The 'close' appearance of this set is right away a total turn-off. This set is better suited for far away views... because then details start to fit in... Ex: The statue of liberity. After viewing the set I looked at the set price and jumped out of my chair! No way in hell I or any body else should have to pay that asking price!

    - Great statue of Liberity!
    - A few nice looking buildings
    - A cute little helicopter and train
    - Set comes with nice amount of detail type pieces

    - No mini figs... due to the mini style of set
    - The black building close up or from far away, looks ugly
    - Set doesn't look good close up... unlike every other set I own
    - Not worth asking price

    Over all I'd say 'yes' buy this set if it looks good. However take note, this isn't the type of set that's suited for all types of Lego collectors. It's a set that should just sit and be looked at... don't expect to add mini figs to it because the set is too small for that.

    Mine however, will probably continue to collect dust along with most of the other factory sets I own.

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