• Police Quad Bike…

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    I’ve always wanted a Lego Police Quad Bike, thanks to the Sunday Mirror I’ve now got one in my collection. This was another ‘free’ set which I collected from WHSmith and it’s another favourite from the range which was brought out in 2009.

    Just 33 pieces make up this unique set, I am going to have mine patrolling the beach as it’s go-anywhere tyres would facilitate this nicely. The 4X4 is built up from the chassis to which the four rugged tyres are attached. The front of the 4X4 features a white bumper and small headlight. Behind the headlight is mounted the handlebar which is adjustable so that the supplied minifig could be sat down or stood up. Behind this area is a grey frame to which two blue spotlights are attached. These are mounted to adjustable brackets so they can be angled in a variety of ways.

    The minifig supplied is wearing a dark suit complete with gloves, he also has a white helmet but he appears to have lost his visor somewhere along the way, perhaps he was speeding!

    Another great ‘free’ set, I hope there are more like this to come in 2010.

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  • off road police action

    Written by (TFOL) in United Kingdom,

    this set was givern away free not long ago by the mirror and I got it, it is a good set it adds to my police veichals and and officers the only bad thing is that their is no viser for the police man to wear so I to find hime a spear

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