• Cargo Terminal

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    Good plane very sturdy

    Written by (TFOL) in United States,

    Looks like LEGO revived the Cargo subtheme, And... I like it.

    The Plane:

    Looks like an Eva Air cargo 747, The plane is nice it can hold a lot of cargo. But if you take the wall inside the plane down you can hold more cargo. One downside is that the plane's engines fall off easily

    The ATC Tower:

    A little accessory to the realism of the set, Real towers can hold more than one person though

    The Baggage Car:

    Like the real baggage cars it goes to the end of the plane to unload the cargo and other things

    The Forklift:

    This Forklift is cool but the thing is that the it has to go to the front when the heavier cargo is in the rear of this plane

    The fuel truck:

    Not really needed because is too small for the huge plane and it can't carry enough fuel to fill the plane up

    Overall, I think this plane would be a good addition to your LEGO CITY Airport

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  • Cargo Terminal

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    Cargo Plane

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    The Cargo Plane is the largest Cargo set in Lego City and is the fifth large scale plane model to be made within the theme.


    The set is packaged in a large thick rectangular box in where there is only a small gap at the top of the box when opened.

    There are six numbered bags for the building process plus two additional bags holding larger parts of the set. There are also four numbered instruction books where each one builds a different section of the set with the fourth building the plane itself.

    Building process

    The build took approximately 1.5- 2 hours in length offering a rather long but simplistic build with a few interesting techniques along the way including the placing of the plane's flooring with the propellers being the only moment of repotting. This set isn't too difficult to build if you go by the numbered bags.


    A total of five are included in the set, these are the pilot, a female traffic controller and three heavy goods workers.

    The three goods workers contain a series of different faces, the first with glasses and a brown beard, the second with a bit of stubble and the third contains a more plain face. Two of the figures have light blue torsos with light blue overalls printed which have tools printed on them. The third figure meanwhile has a darker blue which shapes a jacket with orange strips on. None of he workers have printings on the legs or back of the torsos.

    The female traffic controller features a simple brown hairpiece with a slight long curl on the left side of the front and features a neutral facial expression. There is a print scarf printing on the torso as well as selections of pink shaping out a grey jacket. There is no printings on the legs or back of the torso on this figure however it is almost identical to the female figure in he flatbed truck.

    The final figure is the pilot who features sunglasses and a slightly relaxed facial expression. He comes with a. Black captain hat on the top with torso printings featuring a badge, dark green tie and shirt pockets. There is also minor printings on the back of the torso which is mostly back printings of the arms and a small crease. There are no leg printings on this figure.

    Elements of the set

    There are five elements of the set, these are the fuel vehicle, the control tower, fork lift, cargo conveyor belt vehicle and the plane itself which is the main part of the set.

    The fuel tanker is a fairly simplistic looking vehicle featuring numerous Octan logos and also room for the walker talkie radio and an extending hose to fill up the plane.

    The terminal control tower is the tallest part of the set and only structure included. Despite being quite simple in appearance serves its purpose well with a rotating beacon at the top as well as a rotating chair in the tower itself with a control panel and coffee mug.

    The forklift is probably the best looking of the small vehicles and features a working lift at the front which is achieved by using an elastic band. The vehicle is mostly a bright yellow colour whilst some pieces such as the role cage are black. This vehicle features large wheels at the front with smaller ones behind. There is also a registration number at the back of the unit.

    The final road vehicle is the conveyor belt truck, which features the conveyor belt itself which is made of one piece with rubber treads and can be pushed along by a nearby handle. The piece has been used in other past City sets such as the harbour and mine. There is also an orange beacon piece at the side of this vehicles as well as a drivers seat and hazard symbols which are stocked on plus a cargo logo at the front.

    The plane is the main part of the model and is a massive vehicle. The plane features a front driving wheel which changes directions on which way it's going as well as there being four static wheels located just underneath the wings. As well four jet propellers, there are red and green lights on the side of the wings making it look more realistic as a flying craft.

    The pilot's cockpit features seats for two pilots (although is set only includes one) as well as two control panel pieces and another sticker of more controls as well which is a more realistic appearance compares to cockpits in previous planes. The airliner features two doors for the cargo to get in. One at the front and one at the back whichever an be entered easily using the forklift. Additionally, the back tail of the plane can also be opened by removing the green tile piece and the. Pushing it to the left giving another way of getting luggage in although slightly unrealistic.

    In-addition to this,the model includes four cargo loads, one if which is gold bars, another a selection of boxes containing heavy goods, drinks and Lego which is hinted by the numerous touch of the 2013 cement mixer printing. The other two four a small quad bike vehicle, one of which houses it's wheels.


    The overall set is strongly mixed in terms of pros and cons.

    What I think is good with this set is the late scale of the plane vehicle and the realistic cockpit and also the added amount of terminal vehicles and control tower, adding greatly to the set's playability and display value as well as containing enough figures to achieve all the jobs of the vehicles provided.

    I also liked the forklift vehicle with it's springy raise and lower technique at the front as well as the versatility of the co year belt truck's raising and lowering in to different positions. The set is also very good for role play and display purposes also.

    However, there are a number of problems with this set, the main one being the centre of the plane is completely hollow and blocked off from access by walls on each side. Although the plane can fit all four cargo items inside, this blocked off section wastes a good third of the plane's space which could've surely been made accessible so the plane could handle more cargo which could be added from other sets in the range such as the cargo truck.

    Another problem is although all cargo items can fit inside the truck, they have to be turned on there side which cannot be done with the forklift at the front of the plane which makes things slightly harder storage wise. Also, the set has lots of stickers, too much in my opinion as I think some of them should've been printed pieces like those on the exterior of the plane.

    In summary a very good set which seems an improvement on the 2008 Cargo Plane and for £70 is pretty reasonable. There are lots of great features of this set which do outweigh the few problems this set features.

    I would recommend this set to anyone who likes Lego City, Airports, Cargo planes, Cargo vehicles, Lego towns and to adult and children fans of Lego.

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  • Cargo Terminal

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    Another aircraft waiting for a takeoff slot at LEGO City airport

    Written by (AFOL) in United Kingdom,

    The revivial of the cargo subtheme to the City line continues with a cargo airliner in fetching green and white, a small control tower, a fuelling truck, mobile conveyor, forklift truck and pallets of goods. The three small vehicles are good, but nothing fancy. The conveyor belt itself is notable for being a single unit, rather than being made up of smaller parts and the fork on the forklift truck uses the standard rubber band which stretches to almost breaking when the forks are pushed to the ground to load a pallet.

    The pallets of goods are good fun: one a collection of parcels (that can be sent up into the hold of the plane individually on the conveyor) and one a nice crate of gold bars. The other two pallets hold the chassis, steering wheel and wheels of a small vehicle which can be assembled out of the crates - very cute!

    The control tower is very basic indeed, but it does the job.

    The airliner follows the design of other recent City jet planes with one or two notable exceptions. For a start, the tail can be swung to one side to load pallets directly into the rear of the plane, although the cargo area can also be accessed from the side. Also, there are only two windows in the side of the fuselage (this is a cargo plane, after all).

    The aircraft has only two small cargo holds - the centre part of the plane over the wings is inaccessible, making the economics of this enterprise a bit doubtful. However, all four pallets can be fitted into the two holds, but not by using the forkfift truck at the front - the pallets go in sideways. Just make sure that you get the weight distribution right in the plane with that pallet of heavy gold bars in there!

    My set had a small problem with the large white fusalage roof pieces: there were two different shaded of white - some a slightly creamy shade compared to the others - which gave the plane a mottled look. I might yet send them back for TLG to take a look at.

    Overall, this set fits in very nicely with the other cargo sets and with other City aircraft and the combination of plane, vehicles and cargo make for good playability.

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