• Great for a small cart

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    I am reviewing this set in comparision with small sets, due to it be one, with or without innovations or big size. This is from the subtheme of the lion knights, and have two of these in the set, with little differences, like the shape of the helmets or the weapons, one with sword and other with a longbow. This is like many other castle little sets, a cart. This have a horse connected by red pieces(these pieces are more common in blue color, but still useful in the red)to the cart. It have also little additions, like the common flags and spears, and an axe, these weapons can be replace the weapons of the knights. These were putted in useful pieces, later used in ufo, altough is above the wheels, the cart can run well with these black pieces. Have also a piece in the back of the cart that can makes the horse carries a sword and another weapons in the same time that the minifigure rides it. The cart can also carries another things in it's back, like the shield in circular shape.

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  • great :)

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    this was on my first sets in the classic castle theme.i think i should had 4 or 5 years when i get it,and it was very fun.i remember using the saddle not just with the horse but also in the chariot like in the picture,and using it as a transporter for the archer,,like an egipcian war car,,and fire at the same time.the round shields are unique 2.

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  • Best horse drawn cart

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    This was always my favorite horse cart set. It comes with two good infantry models, the cart itself looks designed for defense, and they were nice enough to include a saddle so you can detach the horse and ride it off to battle.

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  • Horse Cart

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    Horse Cart Review

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United States,

    It's not a bad set over all, it reminds me a bit of 6010 Supply Wagon and 6016 Knight's Arsenal sets... only instead of one minifigure, you get two.

    Balance wise, the set isn't very good as the cart tends to fold up from the weight and design of the bricks in it.

    Still, the horse has a saddle so he can be ridden and there's plenty of weapons for helping to field and build an army. It's one of those sets in retrospect when I look back, there were a lot of Castle Catapults and Wagons with many of them having better builds and designs then others. This one is on the side of mediocre for a set like it.

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  • Lots of play value for a little set

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    When I got this set, I was madly collecting every Castle set I could find. I had the two castles that came out that year, and I wanted more stuff to go with them. So I got this horse cart. It was a bargain set, no matter how you look at it. Two mini-figs, a horse that you can attach to a cart or put a saddle on, and weapons galore! It was a great way to increase my army for the battles I would create. As a kid, it added to the play value of my other sets.

    Now, as an adult, when I consider the value of this set, I find it lacking in many ways. The balance is off, so unless you plug the horse into a base-plate, its hind legs come up off the ground. That is, unless the connection between the horse hitch and the turntable is tight. Maybe it was tight when the set was new. But after 20+ years, the joint has become really loose and floppy. Still, the set was playable at the time.

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