• Well made catapult

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Brazil,

    One of the first catapults, this is from the Black Falcon theme. This is greater than some catapults, and the shots aren't big. But these are also great for a double shooting. This catapult have also some pieces of technic themes and another useful things like the flags and the colors in the set. The color scheme is great and combine with the two soldiers included in it, to makes the catapult launchs or be defended. The falcon knights have the same face, helmet and some details, turning a great thing to play with armies of these. The yellow piece that can be shooted can be guarded on it too. Another itens are also spears and the circular shape shield, that the knights hangs. The system that is made the catapult is well made and includes technic pieces. Technic pieces in this are common, like the wheels and it's base. Technic, castle and system pieces are all useful. The wheels aren't very used more, but still cool for carts, chariots and some other things. This isn't a great set, due to it have few pieces. But all these are useful, and as a lego fan, i like useful sets, they can makes different sets, or armies of minifigures, weaponry for these, buildings, vehicles and more.

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  • My first Catapult

    Written by (Unspecified) in Israel,

    This was my first catapult set.

    The set is very good and sturdy. The range of the catapult is great and its works very well. You get two armored minifigs along that can protect or activate the catapult.

    Overall, great set with a lot of playability.

    4.5 out of 5

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  • Works perfectly

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Austria,

    This catapult can throw the yellow round bricks really far! It works very well and is ideal to attack a castle. You get four round yellow bricks as ammunition. Not sufficient for a long battle, but the catapult works fine with any bricks that are about the size of the round bricks included. You get two soldiers with two swords, two spears and two very rare round shields. I also like the technic wheels instead of the wheels which are used for carriages. The wheels used for carriages would make the catapult too high. Apart from that, brown or black carrige wheels wouldn't look so good on it.

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  • Great for Sieges

    Written by (Unspecified) in ,

    I had a wonderful time laying siege to the old yellow castle and other castle creations with this set. Marbles made better ammo than the included yellow bricks, and would slowly chip away at the castle walls until a hole formed and the castle could be invaded.

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  • Catapult

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    Building experience
    Value for money

    Ye Black Falcon Offensive

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    Twas in the year of 1984, the Raven army did go forth to seeketh out and most violently attack the Lion Castle to gaineth control over yonder kingdom.

    Ye Minifigures:

    • There be two in Black Fslcon uniform, one beareth a brown spear, the other beareth a blade. Both possess a most worthy circular shield.

    Ye Plan Of Attack

    Their efforts were great and through tenacity they built a siege catapult, a weapon that the Lion Kingdom possessed not. It fired erm... yellow rocks of which it heldeth four. The black helmeted guards who did worketh on this contraption were furnished with ye finest classic circular shields, lest they be struck down by arrows of Lion Kingdom.

    Armed with sword and spear, these blackguards, like carrion of the battlefield gave no quarter in their relentless clawing at the kingdom, most splendid flags of white and green blowing in the winds of war.

    Such interesting and varied parts were counted to make such a war machine, of particular interest the wheels, intended as metal or stone did completeth such a Raven themed dealer of death with its sturdy black made structure and working technical component firing arm. Its dark ammo bucket was a most pleasing addition to the would be siege lord who could rain his hatred and wrath down upon any he did go forth against.

    Thy Epilogue

    And so, this most excellent machine did pleaseth many with its hail of death and destruction (well at least four shots before thine enemy were kind enough to returneth the ammo) and brought dark times to the Lion King and his folk, many years ago.

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