• Blacksmith Shop

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    Very good set with a civilian.

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in Netherlands,

    Overall 5 stars: this a very nice set if you want to complete a Medieval Scenery and a good addition for a general Castle fan. Very nice to look at and play with and to combine with all Castle sets.

    Building experience 3 stars: a rather simple set and very easy to built with the large castle panels. The "hardest" part in fact is the chimney.

    Parts get 5 stars: I love the way the chimney is built and the striking red color which returns in the carriage attachement of the cart. Good detail is that the carriage also is used to let the Blacksmith do his job. Another nice detail is the minifigure of the Blacksmith and the rare pitchfork.

    Playability gets 5 stars: the set itself can be used with the cart built and taken apart to show the work the Blacksmith can do. The knight can be used both as guard as well as owner of the cart. A great combination is possible if you own set 6041 (Armor shop) too, built together it is 100% complete !

    Value for money gets 4 stars: Bricklink gives an average value of € 23,00 which is ok for a 24 year old set if it is complete including pitchfork and all, I paid less than half.

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  • The Blacksmith Shop

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Brazil,

    This is another small set from the castle theme, lion knights theme. Released in 1984, the Blacksmith shop have a nice color scheme, deign and building, in comparison with the size, and too includes useful pieces and have characteristics of a lego castle original set. The building involved, above the small green plate, have some gray blocks that makes some walls, and also, some different shapes to make effects like the "windows", not exactly, but two holes on the wall looks like some windows in medieval style, with no glass. The furnace, made with a good shape, altough cannot fit a weapon inside it, still good due to the color, a red scheme with a black on some encurve small plates on the top. Are also included some weapons with this, because the blacksmith can "make" some weapons, with a small hammer. The horse minifigure is a good addition to this small set, and altough cannot moves the paws, like the other lego horses, stiil in a good shape, color (black scheme) and simple in some details, like the eyes. The knight minifigure included, a lion knight, includes a helmet and still in a simple but well made design, like other knights from the lego castle old years. The blcksmith is the more simple, but still well made, simple designed, and with a black cap. This is another set that can increase other castle sets with some pieces, and is well builted too.

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  • Great blacksmith's shop

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Austria,

    This set is brilliant. A blacksmith's shop is definitely needed in your kingdom to forge your own weapons. Unfortunately, there are not many weapons included though such a shop would certainly sell them all the time. You only get two wheels on which the blacksmith can work, but not a single weapon, ignoring the guard's axe.

    The red chimney is great and so is the blue anvil. Some people don't like the colours of those two things, but I don't really care. The blacksmith himself is a very rare piece. Well, actually it is his apron that is really rare. It is a minifig cape and it's the only cape that is brown. You won't find a brown one in any other set. It's too bad I lost the complete blacksmith with his apron a long time ago! :-(

    The guard has no shield, but obviously a horese, or is it the blacksmith's?In another review of this set, someone mentions that the horse hitching with the black plate with wheel holder could be a bellow. I've also never figured out what it should depict. Maybe it's a bellow, maybe not.

    One very unique aspect of this set is that it comes with instuctions that show you how to build a different model. It's a little tower with a carriage. For the coach you need the horse, the horse hitching, the wheels and the wheelholding plates. Apart from the wheels you might have wondered why these things (horse, horse hitching, etc.) are included. Now you know!

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  • Bring back the classics!!

    Written by (Unspecified) in ,

    These are the sort of sets that got me into castle lego. Excelent set-up and a good way to start fleshing out a medieval town. Rare peices like the pitchfork and brown cape just make this set all the more special.

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  • Blacksmith Shop

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    A Blacksmith & A Wainwright

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    Well a wheelwright at least. Wrights could fashion wheels and this chap seems to be doing just that, two crafts for the price of one.


    • The blacksmith has the plus of black gloves, a yellow top and black hood. Brown overalls can also be used as a cloak for an alternate character. Come with pitchfork and hammer.
    • Guard with his choice crossed axes torso and black axe.
    Anvil Beater

    This excellent castle set has some brilliant parts mentioned above. The castle wall section (a modular plug in for castle sets) is a great back drop with its kiln that also features a chimney, superb diagonal slant-edged corners and an arch for making the 'door' for working through. The blue stand is something like an anvil but with a buildable cart, this character seems much more the wright- the cart can be 'fixed' or built and the black horse able to tow it.

    Other reviews rightly praise these everyday work and citizen sets for Castle and it seems a shame that there were not more to complete the potential shapes of the modular castle when opened, that is to say, an enclosed city wall was difficult to complete.

    See how popular the recent market village is and how well received the recent farm was. With a new blacksmith set hopefully more mediaeval life sets will follow, the breadth of choice is huge; crafts, shops, services. Cockfighting anyone? perhaps not.

    Hard Wrought

    So the potential imagination zone created here is wonderful but not quite enclosed having only one side but can be completed with another modular. Better than many cart or people models, this Blacksmith release remains nothing less than a real gem.

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