• Siege Tower

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    Still the best siege tower of all !!

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in Netherlands,

    I consider this the best siege tower of all towers Lego offers. Simply because it is the most realistic one. Other theme's give great towers with extra's etc. but this one is just what it is supposed to be, a siege tower. Probably the reason I love all these old sets.

    Great to built with again a lot of small parts and a good mechanism to lower the board. Very simple but good are the two sticks to push the tower. The shelves on the sides are great and a good construction. The wall is basic but just right with the known hinges to spread it. Everything has been thought of really.

    Parts are good, the tower is stable with a good mechanism which works very well. One point of critisism are the knights, all are Lion Knights so no enemy to attack. The best part of this set is really the ladder to climb the wall, definitly a great accessory !! The number of knights including one horseman and their variety of weapons is ok for a small set like this.

    A good playability which, like I mentioned before, would have been better if there had been two kinds of knights, for example 2 Lion Knights and 2 Black Falcon Knights. But hey, borrow some knights from your other sets and you're in business.

    Value for money is ok in two ways : according to Bricklink it is about €40,00 average which I think is the true value if complete (with ladder) for a set like this. I was lucky to buy it for a real steal including the original box so 5 bricks for me personally here.

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  • cool

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in {Unknown},

    i love this set. i got it off ebay and got it yesterday. it it fun. i like the design much better than the new one. it has 2 more figures, a wall, and a ladder for 2 dollars cheaper. well, i got it for more, but oh well.

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  • The original Seige tower

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in {Unknown},

    What is castle warfare without a seige tower, and the first one Lego made was quite good. A little complicated to put together, but comes with and holds plenty of mini-figures. As a nice touch there are poles on each side of the base that your minifigures can use to push the tower into place. The small castle wall that comes with it isn't much, but can be attached to any of the older castle sets to make them larger. The ladder is also nice and can be hooked onto the side of the seige tower as you travel towards your the fortress of your foe.

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  • Under Siege

    Written by (Unspecified , gold-rated reviewer) in Brunei Darussalam,

    This set is a good idea, but like all good ideas, it can be improved. 4 minifigs and a horse is about right for this set, but the one thing about the horseman that could be improved was to have given him a knight's lance and a pennant.

    One generic wall piece with nothing much on it may seem a bit bland at first pass, but it is actually a very useful piece for building your own mega castle out of the existing non-modified sets thanks to the built in hinge.

    The siege tower is tall and blocky, but the little bridge on it can be raised and lowered with a winch. The design of the winch mechanism is a bit problematic, but it can be easily improved with a few small Technic pieces. Overall a rather useful set.

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  • true classic

    Written by (Unspecified) in ,

    i get this set in 1986 i think..as a birthday present...and it was very cativating..the siege tower was the key point...the moving door that opened and reveal the man at arms ready to atack..great:) i dont give it a 5 because i never understand why there was 2 = factions defending and atacking the wall..well may be some kind of rebellion ;) he he

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