• Knight's Castle

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    One of the best Castles ever.

    Written by (AFOL) in Canada,

    After rebuilding this set a few days ago for my sons to play with I couldn't get over how well done this set is. It's also the 30th anniversary of the set so a review is in order.


    The instructions are folded and have an alternative build on the cover as well as the actual build. I sadly do not own an original box but I'd assume based on 6080 that it would have a flap cover with a window opening and alternative builds on the back of the box and features of the set on the inside flap.
    One bonus item to note is the Lego Ideas book from 1985 has an alternate build instructions for this very set.


    Since the set is 30 years old now many of the pieces are simply generic bricks (aside from the castle wall pieces, some arches, and hinged parts) which from my perspective gives the set a very “piecey” feel to it and design.
    As mentioned about it comes with a whopping 17 castle wall pieces including 2 printed pieces which fit right at the front gate.
    As far as unique pieces go the set actually comes with no real unique pieces, meaning it could be built rather easily from just the instructions. The green flags are somewhat unique to this set as it’s the only one which has 4 of them in it. I for one like it how it doesn’t have a unique piece which would drive up the price of the set as a whole.


    The set comes with a wonderful six Black Falcon Minifigs and two horses.
    2 Black Falcon Archers
    2 Black Falcon Spearmen (each with their own shield)
    2 Black Falcon knights, one in almost all black (save for a red cape) and another Blue/Black/Grey knight. The black feather on the Black Knight is a rarer colour of feather and suits the Head knight’s overall look. Each Knight has a horse, sword, shield and lance (the Black Knight with two flags on it).
    The horses are simply your generic white and black horse with a blue and yellow saddle with a single side clip. Nothing too amazing but I am a fan of the single clip saddles.
    For a set this size 6 figures is more than enough and really fills up the castle, it’s a nice touch that each spearman receives a shield, there are even extra shields attached to the castle for extra flavour.

    The build

    Despite its symmetrical shape the build is anything but that. The reason for asymmetrism build is due to the dungeon portion under the right tower. The Dungeon is built upon a green plate, and is comprised of all bricks and walls pieces, even the black dungeon door is built completely out of bricks.
    The build starts off a little loose as the plate pieces are not connected until a few steps in but once you’ve reached the top of the wall many plate pieces are layered upon each other to give a very sturdy structure from top to bottom.
    The build is quite enjoyable for both an adult and would not be too difficult for a young child either. Even stringing the drawbridge is easier than most other castle sets.
    Overall I was quite pleased building the set even getting an occasional “Can I play with the Castle now Dad?” was not annoying during the build.

    The completed model

    Once built this model is as solid as a brick outhouse. It’s very tight and compact the layering of the plates on top of the wall make it’s very sturdy. Even when the set is opened up to create a large wall it’s still very solid and you are not worried about it falling apart if it’s moved in this mode (Unlike a certain yellow castle you think is going to crack in the middle if you’re not careful when moving).
    The overall look is great. The red around the gate gives is just the right amount of colour for the castle, the green flags also add a little more pop to it too and doesn’t give it a Christmasy vibe at all. The wider tower design gives the set a bit more volume. (I don’t know why they didn’t use this design for 6080 towers)
    However there are two downsides in the final build. The first is the winch, since it is 4 long it actually sticks out from the otherwise 3 wide gatehouse. Likewise the red and grey plates on the rightside of the gatehouse is are not symmetric to the leftside. Bot these issues are not major (I actually prefer the ease of the winch to a hose reel ) but if you’re one who loves things to look perfect it may bug you. It really wasn’t until years after owning this set that I even noticed the differences.

    Overall opinion

    I absolutely love The Knight’s Castle ! I loved building the set, I love it how it’s made with very old clever ideas, I love all the figures in the set, I love it that it comes with many extra accessories (shields), I love the tower homage to the classic yellow castle, I love the brick built dungeon, the lovely the red colours on the front, and I love it that it’s so solid.
    I find it gets very little love or attention from most people. It wasn’t the huge King ‘s Castle (6080) that overshadowed it when both sets came out in 1984. It doesn’t have the elegant design of a living area with yellow Tudor walls, and front gate the Black Falcon’s Fortress (6074) that replaced this set. Which is a bit of a shame as it’s a very good castle and exception Lego set on the whole. I won’t lie I pretty much originally bought this set to build the “Black Falcon Town” with all the other 1980s castle wall sets. But once I built it, I bought another set so it could stand on its own.
    Also if you have children you want to share your Lego sets with this is a great choice as it’s hard to break and doesn’t come with any unique pieces. (well you might want to hide the green flags)

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  • Knight's Castle

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    Black Knights Castle - superb...

    Written by (AFOL , silver-rated reviewer) in United Kingdom,

    I received this Christmas 1985. I'd asked for the much larger 6080 Castle Lion with Sir Richard as it was known as in the UK. At the time I was quietly disappointed...Over the years the figures and castle got wrecked and some parts survived while other bits like mini figure faces and torsos, the sword clip for the yellow saddle and handle for the winch broke. I even foolishly scraped a Falcon shield along the outside paving in my garden as a kid, sawed and failed in doing so, the lower half of a Falcon soldiers helmet, ruining it and breaking the nose guard, chewing up the loop on a quiver pack - I could go on...I even left the instruction booklet outside for ages and it somehow survived. Years passed and then one day when I returned from my 'Dark Ages' I decided to rebuild 6073 - figures and all.

    Luckily, it was about 95% complete when building it but there were quite a few bricks and pieces that needed replacing. I bought bits off ebay, including mini figures, grey bricks which I also noted were slightly different in tone - this could be because they were new and finally and most amazingly, after finding the part numbers to certain missing pieces like Falcon torsos, I placed an order with Lego - they messed the order up THREE times - but they finally came through AND sent me all the correct parts I needed FREE having refunded me for the mess ups! I was especially surprised to see that SOMEHOW Lego did indeed still have original Black Falcon torso's somewhere in their parts bins in Billund! Thats some searching on the part of the young girl who took up my case. I even was sent for FREE more Castle stuff from the then current Castle theme of Knight's Kingdom...

    Anyhow, the only part missing of my rebuild was a 1 x 3 red brick with small arch in the centre that was part of the red bricked surround to the drawbridge. The set, to me, is a reminder of childhood - and my late Mother who brought it for me - I still have it on display, in my kitchen of all places, alongside its successor, 6047, Black Falcon's Fortress (as its known in the UK) and I often look at it and am reminded of her.

    Its a great set. Period. If you haven't got it, buy it - you may luck out and get one cheap on ebay sometime, prices fluctuate. I've often thought of selling it but sentimentality makes me refrain from doing so - thats what Lego is - memories of childhoods past...

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  • Knight's Castle

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    The first Black Falcon Castle !

    Written by (AFOL , gold-rated reviewer) in Netherlands,

    Overall 5 bricks: In fact the follow-up for the famous 375 Lego Castle and the first in a great serie of castle's to come. The grey coloursetting with the red front and a black drawbridge is lovely, two towers in the back and a small jail make it in total a great Castle. The colors make it more realistic than the 375 Castle.

    Building 5 bricks: It is a lot of fun to do, like in 375 a lot of small parts and bricks but added here are panels which make it more stable and easier to build. No complaints here at all.

    Parts 4 bricks: like said before at this castle some panels are added for more stability. The drawbridge works fine with a good reel winch. Nice coloursetting with grey and red bricks. I distracted one brick because of the number of Knights, some extra added to the 6 included (some enemy soldiers?) would have been welcome. The present Knights have sufficient weapons; spears, swords and bows with arrows.

    Playabilty 4 bricks: you can open the Castle and make it bigger that way. Although it would have been 5 bricks here with enemy knights present.

    Value 5 bricks: Bricklink estimates an average used value of €73,00 for this set. A bit high but on the other side, if it is in good shape, reasonable because it is already 27 years old now. I paid less so a good buy for me.

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  • Tiny, but fun!

    Written by (AFOL , bronze-rated reviewer) in United States,

    I just rebuilt this set when I found the instructions online. I remember having lots of fun with this set when I was a kid, but I don't remember it being so small. I guess your perspective changes as you grow up. I used to hook this set up to the blacksmith shop and the wall from the siege tower to make a nice, big castle. It was fun. The play value of this set was great, especially when you combine this set with those others. And the castle just looks cool! (even if it is a little small)

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  • Alte Falkenburg

    Written by (Unspecified) in Austria,

    definitely my favorite castle for all times. i played with it as a child, but i never possessed it myself, so i tried everything to rebuild it, and someday managed to (although i had to paint some tiles hehe).

    The Castle itself is small but solid. Two big towers, extra shields as banners and a very nice gatehouse. The color theme generally is excellent. Grey tiles supported by the red gatehouse in combination with the green flags of the falcon knights (later on they are blue flags).

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