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    Written by (AFOL) in Bolivia,

    I bought this set for no particular reason. I now notice there are no reviews here, so here we go.


    • I was never excited about the advert photos, but it actually looks good in person.
    • There are some good parts unique to this set. The blades are a recolor of previous parts that orange reds. It comes with 4 of those wings that started in Bionicle and were used in system sets too, but they come in the new silver tone that started being in use with Hero Factory. The black fists are actually important to me because it is a neutral color and I always seem to be running out of fists. Then we have a transparent neon orange shell, which is never bad.
    • The highlight new piece I would say is the shark head. I did not notice this from pictures, but it is a beautiful piece. It has some teeth and inorganic look that I am sure will be useful in shark mocs. You can make new robot Sharks for the Agents, for example.
    • 6 (one extra) of those red spikes, which are useful decorations both in hero factory and system.
    • Well articulated tale and arms.
    • If you buy Furno, there are instructions to combine them to make an even bigger shark, with a non-dysfunctional color scheme (unlike other combiner sets)


    • Let us be honest, it looks a little funny. It manages to look like a shark, but at the expense that it is difficult to pose.
    • Eyes do not really have a suitable transparent brick at the level of the eyes. Unlike the CGI picture.
    • Can't move lower jaw - biting is awkward.
    • Not the set you would want if you are looking for the new 2012 Hero Factory elements.


    • The build is really simple. For better or worse.

    I was not expecting to be impressed by this set. But it looks nice at times and I think it will be a good parts pack. But if you are planning to buy only a few sets, I would recommend getting the other villains before this one.

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