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    This is a Great Set! It includes the rare Red-Gray Striped nose piece. It includes a Blue Spaceman, one of my Favorites. The thing that really amazes me is that this set mainly uses common parts that you can easily anywhere else, but the Design is Awesome. I Highly Recommend this set to Space Fans!

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  • Starfire I

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    Above the 'mini' size Space sets, there are perceptibly 'small' sets and a 'medium' range too. This set should probably be classed among the small size in Classic Space where the smaller the set, the more appealing it was compared to the 1970s Jim Burns art/ Dr Who/ Space 1999 style large spacecraft, save a couple.



    Blue astronaut is go, check out the goldy planet badge.


    This small craft has some very good use of white to contrast with the bluey MF astronaut. The build is a clever cobble of excellent space bricks with a lovely print on the front nose arch, in silver and red. Other bricks include two black boosters (town cameras), two black four stud rails, a black double laser gun mount (town twin exhaust), a white nose cone, three black antennae/joysticks, a black laser cannon/bazooka (rarely a telescope!), a white space seat and a superb white control panel. Hard to get many of, these clever bricks enable diagonal building and have left me wishing for a similar brick ever since for alternative roof building among other projects.

    The tiny white wing pieces should get a mention for helping the outer space components make a tidy little open top ship that packs a lot of punch for its size. The one stud wide foot rails are a basic but fine landing feature and this makes a great example of this style and size.

    Space evolved well through this point. Later Space themed Futuron had less appealing but more flashy astronauts but with excellent white, chunky, spacey sci-fi ships. Blacktron and Space Police made an obvious draw at that point.

    Join The Fleet

    Some of the small and mini range look like they deal laser death, bristling with something like intergalactic weaponry. Another wonderful variant of Classic Space models, you can just imagine their noises and sound effects...

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